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May 18, 1974 The Big Weekend, The Nice Graduation, The Overloaded Lines, The Strange Weather and The Club Meetings


Dear Mother,

"This is graduation day and Art Larsen was given an honorary degree so it has been a big weekend for us. There was a reception for him yesterday afternoon and we helped with that. Then they came here for dinner afterwards. There were 9 of us but I had almost everything ready ahead of time so everything was easy. I made a list of things to do when we got home and that helped.

It literally poured rain this morning so we couldn't walk to school and traffic was horrible but we got there along with several thousand other people. It was a very nice graduation and then we went to a luncheon with the Larsen family.

B has gone to the office for awhile and then we are going to a 50th wedding anniversary reception. I hope we can stay at home the rest of the day.

Bob and Ann both called last Saturday. Bob called before I got up because he was ready to go to work. He and Pat may be here this afternoon if he gets his work finished but it will more likely be tomorrow. I have plenty of food left from last night.

It was late when Ann called but she couldn't get through and kept getting recordings. Later I read in the paper that the lines were so overloaded into Bloomington that they went out for several hours.

I finished the afghan and it is ready to block when I have time. I will just wet it well and flatten it on the ping pong table. It will be dry in 2 or 3 days and look like it had been pressed.

Our peonies are still in tight buds. The weather is sure strange. Yesterday was so steamy we turned the air conditioner on.

My club meetings are all over for the year, I think. There are really two more but I can't go to either one and I'm glad.

I had better get my nose powdered. B just came back so we'll be going to the reception."



P.S. Will try to let you know when the children will be coming to Richland.

NOTE: The Skylab commemorative stamp was issued in May of 1974.

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