Sunday, February 21, 2016

May 12, 1974 The Last Meeting, The Good Thing, The Wedding Present, The Ordinary Afghan and The Nice Day

Dear Mother,

"I'm ready and waiting for a friend to pick me up. We have the last meeting of Faculty Women at a brunch this morning and it is raining. B wanted to mow the lawn but he won't do that today.

The man hasn't come about our basement yet. Maybe they called when I was gone but I doubt it.

Sally said Tim is mowing lawns this summer. He bought a mower and just about has it paid for. I don't know how many he has but maybe he'd help you out sometime if Mr. Carroll can't come.

Sally & Steve's visit was really short. I didn't get to find out much of anything about everyone. B didn't even get to see them but they had to get the kids off to school before they left home so it made them a little late.

It sure is a good thing we don't have much yard. We have such a hard time keeping up. When we have a chance to work outside the weather doesn't cooperate.

I still haven't bought a plant. Bob reminded me to put out some tomatoes but we haven't.

I hope your packages arrived in good shape. We talked of sending them with Sally but decided not to bother them.

We haven't decided what to get Sid for a wedding present. Sally said they have lots of things from the showers.

I spent one morning this week writing letters so I finally got one off to Beulah. I had one from her, too.

Did I tell you I'm making an afghan from the scraps left from Ann's? The blocks are done and I'm sewing it together. Then I'll do an edge of some sort. It is very ordinary but we'll use it on the couch and I wanted to use up the yarn.

We are going to a reception for a woman who has been on campus this year and is going back to Baltimore. That is later this afternoon but tonight we're staying at home.

Everything is pretty and green now. Leaves are still coming out on the trees but growing fast. If the sun would come out real warm things would really pop.

Hope you are fine and have a nice day tomorrow."



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