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October 14, 1962 Just Beautiful, Real Nice and A Big Success

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm getting an early start today.  It isn't even daylight but Bob is going on a Scout trail today and has to leave Normal at 6:45.  I'm waiting for him to come down for breakfast.  This trip is a marked Scout trail up by Joliet.  One of the fathers is walking with them & I think it is a 16 mile trail.  They get a medal for it.

Our yard is filled with leaves and they are all colors.  Everything is just beautiful now.  The weather has been real hot the last few days but cool weather is predicted.  I like it warm and dread the cold, dark days.

Our Sunday School class & the families came here last night for their monthly potluck supper.  I had bread, butter & coffee.  They brought the rest.  We set up card tables in the basement & it was real nice.  There were 34, I think B said.  Two new faculty families came & we are always glad to add them to our church.

Our Harvest Home supper was a big success but I'm not rested yet.  That is such an awful job but maybe I won't have to be on the committee again for years.  We made over $450. and that will buy a lot of things for our Sunday School.

Mr. Kennedy
We also went to a meeting in Ann's room one night.  I think her teacher is going to be fine.  It is the first male teacher she has ever had.  She seems happier about school than she has for a long time.

The Faculty Women's Club had its fall dinner Wed. night & that was real nice.  The new ones were all introduced.

Well, the day is gone and I just got back to this.  Bob is home & tired & dirty.  About 10 boys and three men went.  I guess they had fun.

I straightened up the house and went to an antique show the Home Ec. Club sponsors.  It was real interesting.  When I got home B was cleaning the gutters & the yard so I helped him till supper time.

I have to get my Sunday School stuff ready so I'd better get at it."

                  Lots of love,


NOTE:  Mr. Kennedy was a fabulous teacher from the perspective of both the kids and the parents.  He was consistent, kind, appropriately demanding, had high expectations (which we joyfully met), a great sense of humor and was generally tolerant of 12 year olds.  He actually seemed to enjoy us though we were not a particularly easy class.  Most of us had been together in school since we were 4 or 5.

The included clippings were from the New York Times, Oct. 14, 1962.


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