Monday, June 2, 2014

October 7, 1962 Voted Down, Two Broken Legs, A Little Silly and Hooked to the Speakers

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"No one is up yet so maybe I can get this written before Sunday School.  Today is promotion day so we will all have a little program.  I always think it's a little silly & a waste of time but the old teachers think it has to be done.

This has been an awful week and next week isn't any better.  We are working hard on a money-making supper for the church and since the fire made such a mess in our church we're having it in another church.  A lot of us didn't want to do it this year but we were voted down.  We have a standing committee to plan the dinner but one of the women moved away and I was asked to help on it again.  That was all right but the chairman's son got a leg broken playing football and is having a hard time so another girl & I took over her job.  I didn't have to do it and she didn't ask me to but she is one of my best friends & I felt so sorry for her.  That was one way I could help her.

We had the coffee for new single faculty members yesterday afternoon and it was real nice.  There were 27 and they seemed to have such a good time.  I had a girl to help in the kitchen and that made it easier.

My house is clean now but I haven't even done the ironing.  I may do some today.  That's bad but there won't be any time next week and B's out of shirts.

Our radio cabinet finally came and with a broken leg.  We were so mad.  They also sent it collect when we had already paid the shipping charges.  B wrote them a long letter.  We fastened the leg together & put it on the back so we could use it until they send us another leg.  B didn't get the parts fastened in it but we got it in place and the organ hooked to the good speakers.  It sounds real nice and the cabinet is beautiful in spite of the trouble we had.

I hope Daddy feels better.  He had better go to the doctor and not fool around.  A lot of people have been sick with the flu around here.

The leaves are turning fast now and falling too.  B mowed the lawn again and it is still green.  I'd like to go outdoors and work for several days to clean up my iris beds before it gets cold but I don't know when.

I haven't heard from Bessie except the card.  It would be nice for us to go there Thanksgiving but we haven't talked much about it."

                     Lots of love,


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