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March 2, 1963 Stockings, Candy & Perfume, As You Like It, Still Smoking and Oatmeal Cake

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It's a beautiful day for my birthday but it is awfully cold.  Thanks so much for the nice card and the money.  It was more than you should have sent but I appreciate it and intend to use it for something I wouldn't just buy.  B and the children gave me some stockings, candy & perfume and we are going to buy a small piece of furniture for the house.  We haven't decided what it will be.

It is real early but I feel like I've been up for hours.  I took everyone to school this morning & that rushes me.  Ann's room is beginning to study Japan so she took a box of things for their display & of course couldn't carry it all.

Ann's first appointment for the braces is today & then I go to a luncheon.  I tried to get out of the luncheon but couldn't so it will be rush, rush.

I went to "As You Like It" Club yesterday & had to leave in the middle of the book review because Bob had a dental appointment.  The book was Fail Safe and I hated to miss the review for I haven't read it & didn't know whether I'll ever get around to it.  I got started on Youngblood Hawke & couldn't stop till I finished it. B read it first & wanted me to & once I started I didn't want to do anything but read.

Ann has been home with a sore throat this week but seems o.k. now.  She probably could have gone back to school but her throat stayed scratchy & that's a good time to get more germs so I just kept her home.  She missed both music lessons but we weren't taking any chances at her getting the flu.  The hospitals here are full & I'm afraid of it although they say it isn't the Asiatic kind.

I finally finished the dacron dress yesterday but haven't tried to wear it so don't know how it's going to be.  Then I washed the kitchen & hall walls one day so I've had a busy week.

Thanks for the article about your new preacher.  He sounds like he'd be real good for the church & the town.  The contractor is working on our church but we don't hear much about it now that the big decisions are made.

All of us got a kick out of that Art Linkletter page.  A friend brought Ann a book of boners to read while she was sick & B got to reading it one night & laughed till he cried.  I guess silly things like that are good for the soul sometimes.

The mice are fine.  They boys still smoke them, weigh them & keep charts.  I hope it all ends in April. The female they gave to the science class at school now has another litter so it was a good thing they got rid of her.

The yarn for Ann's sweater finally came & it is real nice but I haven't had a chance to get started.  Once I do, it will be like my reading & I probably won't do much else.

I hope your cough is better, Mother, but stay in until it is all gone.  This flu is not to be fooled with & I sure hope Daddy escapes."

                          Lots of love,


NOTE:  Written at the end of the letter...

While we loved Art Linkletter, (see earlier post for a video)  it is fun to learn of Jack Benny's return to Broadway when he was 70 years old.  As the best paid comedian in the world at the time, he was earning $3,000,000. for 3 years of his T.V. series alone.  According to the article above, he craved time alone and would often lock himself in the bathroom to play his violin for hours at a time.   Pictured below from a scene in his "new" Broadway show, "Life Begins at 39".

If you were watching T.V. on March 5, 1963, here are a few commercials and the Jack Benny intro you would see:


  1. Did the house smell of tobacco?

  2. The house must have smelled from all that smoke!

  3. I don't recall ever smelling cigarette smoke coming from the furnace room in the basement where the experiments took place. Let's see what Bob B has to say about that...

    Hard to imagine Bonnie allowing the house to smell like anything but cake and cookies, although our Dad smoked a pipe on occasion.

    Thanks for writing Bob K and Anonymous!

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