Friday, June 20, 2014

February 16, 1963 A Sign of Spring, The Braces, The Zip and The Third Page

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We're all kind of lazy this morning.  I haven't done anything but wash my hair.  B had an appointment with a student at 9:00 but Bob just had his breakfast and the morning is practically gone.

The weather is still cold and nasty but the cardinals have started to sing early in the mornings now so maybe that is a sign of spring.

Ann hasn't gotten started with the braces yet because the dentist got sick and cancelled her two appointments this week.  But that was just as well because she was awfully nervous after having the teeth pulled.  She said they didn't hurt, though, and they healed fast.  She didn't even take an aspirin.

I sewed one day this week on that dacron dress I cut out weeks ago.  I wasn't in the mood but one of these days it will be warmer & I'll wish it was done.  The dress part is about done but I haven't done a thing to the jacket.  It will be a nice between season dress.  A friend gave Ann a real nice, dark grey suit & I had to hem the skirt on that.  It was pleated all around so that took a long time.  It does look cute on her & she has worn it a lot.  I bought a red blouse to go with it but she doesn't care for the combination too much.

B & Bob went to a dinner honoring the Eagle Scouts last Sun. night.  Bob has grown so much that his uniform was awfully skimpy but B said all the boys looked the same way.  We tried to get a new one but couldn't get one big enough--has to be a special order.  He doesn't go to Scouts very much now--just hasn't the time.  His best clothes are even too little now.  They had dress-up day yesterday and his sleeves on his shirt & coat were so short.

B and I went to a Valentine dinner Thurs. night & Watty gave the program.  He talked on Ill. and it was real interesting.  B & I are going to Browns to a dinner tonight.  We need to have some dinner parties but I don't have the zip it takes to do it when the weather is so cold.  We'd much rather sit home by ourselves & read.

Ann has been writing a theme to enter in some kind of contest.  Her teacher is helping her & this is the first time she has ever done anything like this.  She has a real fine teacher this year.

Bob & Malcolm made the Sunday paper & the third page at that.  They were real thrilled & now it seems like the whole town is interested.  People have sent us clippings so you can keep this one.  One of the college professors sent them a cancer magazine that had a similar experiment written up in it.   This man had worked on the experiment with 3 other scientists and it was quite a project.

Take care of yourselves & stay away from the flu bugs."

                 Lots of love,


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