Thursday, June 19, 2014

February 9, 1963 The Hard Flying Snow, The Grabbing & Snatching Women, The Disgraceful Pans and No Wonder So Many Writers are Odd-balls

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have been having some relief from bad weather & most of the snow had melted but it is flying hard this morning so we'll probably have another deep one.

Thursday was Dollar Day in Bloomington.  It was a drizzly day but not too cold so I spent all morning downtown.  The crowds weren't as big as usual or else I didn't go into the department stores at the right time.  I avoid them early for women grab & snatch & I like to look at things carefully before I buy.  I found some real buys, though.  Sometimes I spend a lot of time & don't buy a thing.  The first thing I found was wallpaper for the dining room.  It was new paper for '63 & I picked it out of their regular book but it was a special for the day. Now to get it on the wall!  The dining room paper hasn't been changed since this house was built so it is pretty dirty.  The new paper is pale green with a darker green & gold leaf.  I took a paint chip with me so I could match the woodwork for I don't want to paint.

Then I bought material for bathroom curtains.  I had watched this piece of material for 6 months for the colors were perfect & every time the store ran a drapery sale I'd go look at it but I wasn't going to give $2.25 a yard for it.  It was finally put on sale for $1.00 a yard & I got the last bit of it.  Yesterday I spent all day making them and they sure look pretty.

One store advertised stainless steel pans for $10.00 a set & I supposed it would be a couple of pans but I went to look at them.  The sets were marked $30.00 but for $10.00 I got a 1 qt. pan, a double boiler, a 2 qt., a 3 qt. dutch oven & skillet.  My pans were a disgrace but I should have enough to last a while now.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the church was to be this morning but we couldn't go because Ann had her teeth pulled.  They took out four like they did for Bob.  It makes me sick to think they have to take out such good teeth but it is all they can do.  Bob's teeth sure show what can be done.

Bob & Malcolm were interviewed on the radio Monday night.  It was very good.  The paper hasn't printed their story yet but they have it from the school. I suppose they will use it sometime when they need school news.

We gave the church contract to a local company.  They had cleaned up water in the church after the fire & the bill had been over $600.00 & after we gave them the contract (their offer was the best one)  they refunded that money we had paid them.  We were doubly glad we'd given the contract to them.  Although the legal papers hadn't been finished,  the contractor had a crew working inside the building right after he was notified he would get the job.  That shows faith, I guess.

The organ is ordered now & the man told B he might have it ready by September even if the order called for a year.

I've been writing a little, but in bits & snatches & don't get anything finished.  There are just too many things to do.  No wonder so many writers become odd-balls.

The kids are yelling for lunch so I'd better stop & do something about it.

Hope you both are fine."

                    Lots of love,


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