Friday, July 8, 2016

March 19, 1977 The Short But Sweet Spring, The Nice Day, The Three Meetings, The Liquids & Aspirin and The Groceries

Dear Mother,

"Our spring was short but sweet and the weatherman says snow for tonight.  The yard is green as can be and seems to be growing fast. B is getting the lawn mower ready for it looks as if he'll need it soon.

The men came Wednesday and put the carpet in the basement. It looks real nice but we don't have the furniture back yet. I was so thankful it was a nice day because they cut the carpet on the driveway and of course, were in and out a dozen times. The carpet is glued down and that stuff they used really smelled awful. The smell is about gone. We left the windows open that first night but then it turned so cold again we had to close up again. The smell will be totally gone in a day or so.

B has gone to make a talk to a meeting of college women but will be home about noon. He seems to go from one meeting to another all of the time and comes home so tired.

I had three meetings this week but was home most every day so I did get some sewing done. Our potluck group meets tonight and I take vegetables this time. I don't have a potato in the house so have to go to the store this morning. I put that off as long as I can.

We haven't been to Peoria in quite a while but will have to go see Aunt Ione & Uncle Oscar when they get moved there. I guess they are going into a nursing home there. One daughter lives in Peoria & another one near there but I don't know either one.

Bob called Thursday and Bobby has been sick. He had a virus and is getting back to normal now. Bob said he could isolate the virus in the lab but there isn't anything to do for it except liquids & aspirin for the fever. I guess they sat and held him most of the time. I think this is the first time he's really been sick. Other than this they are fine. Bob is going to Huntington, West Virginia to look over the Marshall University Medical School on April 20. That's where his advisor from Chicago went and he keeps urging him to come there after he leaves Bethesda. Bob has more than a year left to decide where he will go.

I sure need to clean cabinets, drawers and closets too. Our church is having a rummage sale next week and I could probably find some rummage if I cleaned up the basement and a few drawers.

We still don't know when we'll be home but will let you know. I don't suppose we'll get
to go see Bob or Ann this summer. B probably won't be able to go any place for a while after this president leaves and a new one comes. That's why we're taking a part of the time he should have now and going to Hawaii. We may just sit in the sun & rest after we get there.

It looks like it will start raining or snowing any minute so I'd better get my groceries.

Hope you are fine."



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