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November 6, 1976 The Busy Boy, The Airport, The Peonies, The Job and The Election Outcome

Dear Mother,

"It is early and I'm watching Bobby while he plays. He's been up a long time and looks awfully sleepy but he'd rather be busy. He is a little busy boy--never stops moving and is very happy. He loves everyone and smiles at everyone whether he's seen them before or not. We get so tickled at him sometimes and he knows when he's showing off.

We're taking them to the airport right after lunch. They will fly from Peoria. It is going to be awfully quiet and lonesome around here but I have so many things to do I'll be pretty busy & that will help. It has been such fun to have all of them here. B tried to take some pictures of Bobby last night but he finally had to give up. Bobby didn't mind the picture taking but he kept blinking & squinting every time B raised the camera. I've never seen anything so funny.

I'll start again on this and see how far I can get. The children have been packing and are putting Bobby down for a nap now.

It has been real cold here and I guess you are having the same kind of weather. It if gets any warmer this afternoon we're going to try and work in the yard awhile. The peonies need to be cut off and lots of other things.

Ann got the job and seem excited about it. She will be working with 2nd graders who have developed some reading and other problems. I don't know much about it except it is a new position in this school which is in Delaware. She will have a 30 min. drive to school every day but she didn't seem to mind. Everything about the job seemed to be so good she really wanted it. She'll take Bob to work on her way to school but he hopes he might be able to join a car pool of some kind. His car isn't big enough to take people but he thought he might pay someone for riding with them.

Bob B. was very pleased with his visit to Iowa City. He left here a little after 9:00 Sunday morning and didn't have to hurry to get there for his 2:00 appointment. They had things planned for the rest of Sunday & all day Monday. Tuesday morning he drove around to see the town and got back home for lunch. It isn't as far as we thought--only about 200 miles, I think. He was impressed with the people and the hospital and will probably visit the place again next spring. His old advisor from Chicago has offered him a job in Huntington, W.Va. where he is setting up a university hospital so Bob will have to make up his mind one of these days. I don't think he's going to be in any hurry.

I've stayed around home most of the week but Pat & I took Bobby shopping one day to find some snow pants. She'd bought some for him & he threw such a fit when she put them on him she took it back. He must have felt trapped. We found some pants that slipped on easily & went with a jacket he already had. Penney's had some real nice things for little boys so we were happy about that.

I just got your letter and was beginning to wonder about it. It has taken a week for Ann's letters to come. Isn't that something?

We all watched T.V. Election night. Bob & I stayed up until 3:00 so we knew the outcome. I hope Carter is a wonderful president but only time will tell. I'll stop so B can mail this. Hope you're fine."



NOTE:  Watch that early morning news coverage for the outcome of the election.

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