Saturday, June 4, 2016

July 9, 1976 The New People, The New Car, The Special Day, The Spoiled Potatoes and Only One Call

Dear Mother,

"It is early but Bobby is asleep and I'm baby sitting while the kids are playing tennis. He has been so good even with all the new people and irregular schedule. Next week is going to be a lonesome time around here. I've been thinking how you must have felt when we stayed that month with you and Bob was about the same size. There are two more teeth peeking thru so he's going to get a lot at once like Michelle did.

B has been very busy this week so hasn't been home much. All of us went to Bones for dinner one evening and enjoyed that. That is the only place I've been all week except to take Ann to the bus station. She left Thursday morning but it was sure nice to have her here for awhile. We didn't do much but talk and play with the baby.

Ann had lunch for us on Sunday when we got there. They had just got a new car so the Bobs had to take a ride before we could eat. It is a small brown car and very pretty.

Bob feels certain about the job in Philadelphia but government red tape is holding things up.

I know you were tired after all of us were there but hope you are rested up by now. I'm so glad you have that good television set and got to watch on the 4th of July. There was so much going on that day and I would have watched every minute if we'd been home.

It was a special day in America's history and I didn't want to miss anything. We saw one very good program in the evening--sort of a summary of the day's activities around the country.

I'm sorry about the potatoes. I was careful to cook them & set them in the pantry to cool. Then I completely forgot them so no wonder they spoiled.

I haven't tried to do anything but enjoy the children this week. My quilt work will begin again with a bang next week when the judges come. I've had only one call about it this week so people have left me alone for a change.

We are taking the children to Champaign on Sunday to get the plane. I don't know what time they will leave.

It was so nice for all of us to be together again. I enjoyed every bit of it."



NOTE: The mural on the side of Steve Belshe's Richland Hardware was coordinated and painted by his mother, our artistic aunt, and her friends. Above, Dad's photo, 1976. Below is a photo I took in 2013.

Watch a little Bicentennial coverage...


  1. The summer of '76 was something to behold with the Bicentennial celebrations, the Bicentennial stamps and the Bicentennial quarter coins.
    I love that photo of your mom holding your nephew. Emilia and I know that look well. It happens after we've been around our grand demons for any length of time.
    Such a nice mural on the Belshe hardware store and apparently it's touched up from time to time since the colors are still bright.
    I got a little pay raise a couple of weeks earlier when the Air Force said I could be a first lieutenant. No biggie, you had to screw up severely not to make that.

  2. Back then, even a little pay raise was an exciting thing! We were finally about to go from poor graduate students to at least one salary in '76. But then I kept going so that took care of that!

    The hardware store is always very well kept, including the mural. And yes, I like that picture of Mom and baby Bobby, too. Thanks a lot for your comments. We always enjoy them!


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