Wednesday, June 8, 2016

August 6, 1976 The Half-Price Shoes, The Wonderful Tomato, The Fruit Jars, The Geritol and The Messy Pen

Dear Mother,

"I just had the letter you wrote when you got the shoes (and didn't expect one so soon) but I am glad you have them. I was just plain lucky about finding them. This is the store where I always buy shoes for you and I had been there three times after the sales started and didn't find anything. I was on my way to the grocery store and saw a big sign about shoes half-price. In my mind, I didn't think there would be anything that would fit you but walked thru anyway. These were the only ones that you might wear and were half price. Their sale has been going on so long I guess they really want to clear out the old stock. These shoes are marked $26.00 on the bottom so half price plus tax made them $13.65. I think the postage was $1.00 so you sent a little more than enough.

Yesterday was dollar day in Bloomington but it doesn't amount to much any more. So many stores have moved out to shopping centers that there isn't much left downtown any more. I went down for about an hour and got caught in the rain. The sun was out when I went down so I didn't have an umbrella. There wasn't much of interest in the stores. I bought a short housecoat for myself and a pair of earrings for Ann's birthday.

It has rained quite a bit the last two days and it looks as if more is coming. Our tomatoes are beginning to ripen now. The first one we picked was huge and perfect but the others may not be so nice. It had a wonderful flavor, too. The peppers will soon be big enough to pick.

The stores are all advertising fruit jars but there isn't a lot for people to can like there was last year.

I had a letter from Ann today and they are anxious to move. They probably will move around the 1st of September and will come here for a few days on their way to Pennsylvania.

 The Geritol is as good as the pills would be so just keep taking it.

Bob hasn't called this week but I've been gone a lot so I may not have been home when he tried.

I hope you can read this. This pen is so messy."



NOTE: The news of 40 years ago doesn't seem that different from today, does it?

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