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January 24, 1976 The Telephone, The Publicity, The Dress, The Letter and The Mixed Up Reporter

Dear Mother,

"I didn't get this written yesterday as I've been trying to do. The telephone rang all morning and I was trying to give myself a permanent. I finally got it done and it looks fine this morning so I guess nothing was hurt by the interruptions.

The publicity on the Quilt Show came out for the first time in last Sunday's paper so I've had lots of calls this week. Some people just want to talk and others want to know about quilt patterns and such. It is all very interesting but certainly takes time. It will go on the rest of the year so I don't try to do too much else.

I do have a dress almost finished but the shoulders are too long so I have to take the sleeves out. You know about that problem, don't you?

B & I are staying at home all day today or we hope we can, and catch up on a lot of little odd jobs. Maybe I can finish the dress.

Our University Women's Club quilters started a quilt for the show last Monday night and I've been working on my part. We're excited about it.

I had a very nice letter from Marjorie this week. They all felt good about the nice service in Richland and thought it special that so many people came to the cemetery. I'm so glad the church women brought the food. That had worried me a bit for I knew the family wouldn't have any time to eat. I wish I could have been in Richland with all of you but it was better for us to be with them in St. Louis. As it turned out, it was a good thing we didn't come to Richland for B was sick Sunday and spent the morning in bed. He got up for breakfast and then had to go back to bed. He broke out in those awful cold sweats but felt better by evening and has been fine this week. It was just that cough & cold that he'd been fighting from the week before. So many people have it but so far, I've avoided it. I suppose it is a virus.

It is going to take a long time for all of us to get used to the truth that Roger is gone. You just keep remembering the sweet boy you knew. He certainly looked sweet and happy.

We called Bob on his birthday and they were all fine. Bobby had slept 2 nights without waking so much so things were getting better that way. Some friends were coming for dinner and they were all going to watch a football game on T.V. They had taken Bobby out a few times--grocery shopping and once in the stroller when the day was nice. Their weather is much better than ours.

The reporter got a little mixed up in the story in the enclosed clipping. The quilt on the table is the one you made years and years ago. You probably don't even remember it because I had the top in the trunk for years before Mrs. Follick quilted it.

B is going to the post office so I'll stop and let him mail this. Hope you are fine."




  1. Ann, I had to catch myself a bit. My first reaction to your mom's comment about "the telephone rang all morning" was to wonder why she didn't let it go to voice mail.
    But then I remembered that there was no voice mail in '76, was there? D'oh!

  2. I find myself asking questions like that all the time throughout the letters! Just think of what was not available yet! In 1975, the printing calculator was a big deal, then came our first electric typewriter at home.


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