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February 7, 1976 The Cold Spell, The Quilting Group, The Two Pictures, The Driver's Examination and The Good Letter

Dear Mother,

"There isn't much news this week. The weather has stayed bad and we had 4 more inches of snow. This has been the longest cold spell we've had in several years and it's getting a little old.

Our quilting group met Monday night and cut the rest of the blocks for the quilt we're making for the show. Each girl is making part of them but they are all cut from the same material.

Tuesday night we went to a lecture at school. It is an annual affair so we went although it was very cold.

Wednesday morning I got up with a sore throat and I still have it. The doctor sent me some medicine so I hope it will be gone soon. It is a kind of flu, I guess, and it is everywhere.

Bob send us two pictures of the baby but we have to send them back. He has changed a lot. He is plump and his eyes are so big. He's doing just fine. Bob says he's outgrown all his baby things except the kimonos.

I didn't have any problem with my driver's examination. I just had to take a written test on road signs and traffic laws and I knew them all. I had studied for it, though. The place was full of people and some of them didn't seem to know what they were doing. The people who work there sure have to be patient.

Your curtains sound real pretty. If I could ever be home long enough we could take the old blinds down but the wall would have to be patched & painted so it would take a while to do. I suppose the others would be easier to take care of.

We did our income tax stuff last weekend. I hate that job and am always glad when it is done. B always does most of it but we go over the final papers together.

We had a good letter from Ann this week. They are beginning to look at job openings and they are scattered from one side of the country to the other. There is no telling where they'll be moving to. She is working another girl into her organist's job so she can leave easily when the time comes. She and Bob are both anxious for this school year to be over. He has to have his wisdom teeth out and plans to get it done next week. I feel sorry for him.

I must stop and write to them. Stay out of the cold and keep yourself warm."



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