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May 30, 1975 The Almost Perfect Weather, The Small Jobs, The Big Weekend, The Neighbors and The Spinach

Dear Mother,

"This has been a nice week and the weather has been almost perfect. I had six of my friends here for lunch and the afternoon on Wednesday so I spent the first part of the week getting ready for that. I made chicken salad and put that on a lettuce leaf with a slice of cranberry jelly on the side. Then some peas and rolls, with orange sherbet for dessert. It was easy and real good. I told them to bring handwork so we just sat and visited and all of us enjoyed it.

Bob & Ann got here about 6:30 last night so we had a long evening to visit. Ann is fine. The doctor finally decided everything is o.k. and her blood count is normally low. Mine always was too so I guess she got that from me. She looks fine and pretty as usual. One of her high school friends is home visiting her mother so they are off together this morning.

I just had a letter from Beulah. I'm glad the girls are all moved. That is such hard work but when so many friends help it almost becomes a party. Beulah also said the porch roof & gutter is all fixed right and she also told me the bill. It wasn't bad at all for the job and we should be grateful it is done even if it had cost twice as much. It is hard to us--you and me and Beulah--to accept repair bills of any kind because we have always done such things for ourselves--our men have--but now we are lucky to find someone to do such odd jobs. It is almost impossible to get anyone here to do what are called small jobs.

You sure had a big weekend with all the people coming in and out but I'm glad you had company after we left.
We weren't as tired as usual when we got home. Maybe we didn't run around as much as usual while we were there.

Our neighbors left on vacation this morning so we are going to pick their strawberries for them. That will be a nice chore. They told us to use the rhubarb and spinach, too. That won't be hard to do either.

It's lunch time so I'd better get something ready. Hope you are fine."



NOTE: There are no letters for the month of June and I don't know what happened to them.

So here's a little bit of news from June, 1975 and the 200th anniversary of the Army:

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