Saturday, April 2, 2016

January 4, 1975 The Happy New Year! The Christmas Clutter, The Night Before Last, The Worn Out Heart and The Leftovers

Dear Mother,

"Happy New Year! Let's hope 1975 will be better for everyone than '74 was. It started out in a beautiful way as far as the weather was concerned here. The sun came up bright and stayed that way all day long. I can't remember ever having a New Year's Day like it.

We had 18 people for dinner on New Year's Eve and everyone seemed to have a nice time. It took most of New Year's day to clean up but now I have most of the Christmas clutter cleaned up and I spent yesterday ironing tablecloths and napkins. There were two days when I didn't really have to do a thing and I enjoyed them.

Things are quieter than usual at school with all the students gone so B has had some time to read and relax in the evening.

The weatherman predicted a 4 - 6 inch snow night before last but he missed and we had only a little bit of sleet. There is a little on the ground because it is so cold but we were happy not to have the snow. January is usually a bad month here.

We had a letter from Ann and she seems fine. She had missed so much school and work she was afraid her check would be reduced a bit but it wasn't and she was happy about that.

I'm so sorry Aunt Beatrice has to be so sick. Her heart is just worn out. Wouldn't it be better for all of them if they took Uncle Francis back to the hospital while they are having such a time? Maybe the hospital wouldn't take him though.

One of my quilts was almost finished before Christmas but she probably won't call me until she finishes both of them. I hope she does the rest while she's at it. I took her some bread for Christmas and she always wants me to come in. She was so proud of the quilt and it will be beautiful.

Why don't you put your quilt blocks away for awhile? I should think you'd be terribly tired of them. I want to get a sheet for the backing of the last top you gave me while the sales are on if I get to it. I don't know whether Mrs. Follick will do more for me but I do have two more ready with all the back, filling & bindings.

We've been eating leftovers since Christmas so I haven't done much cooking except for the New Year's dinner and now we're eating leftovers from that. I wish you had some of our fruit. We got two baskets. I gave Ann a lot and Pat a lot and still we have apples. I squeezed the oranges so we're drinking the juice.

I must write to Ann. Hope you are fine. Stay away from colds if you can."




  1. Another interesting post, I find I can recall such a lot of events from your picture posts. Sad though to see the image of Duke Ellington, one of my favourite jazz musicians.

  2. Thank you, David. Yes, the passing of Duke Ellington was felt deeply worldwide. I always find it interesting what the magazines select to summarize a year of news.


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