Saturday, February 27, 2016

June 29, 1974 The Summer Weather, The Fast Job, The Little Streaker, The Unusual Quilt and The Troubled Tooth

Dear Mother,

"We are finally having summer weather so we have the house all open and it is wonderful. Maybe some of the water can dry up in the cornfields now. I think everyone and everything is happy about the weather the last few days. I woke up at 5:00 this morning and the birds were singing their heads off.

B has gone to the office as usual. He didn't bring any work home last night so we defrosted the freezer and went to the grocery store. We do a fast job on the freezer but it still takes quite awhile. It is like defrosting a refrigerator except there is lots more space to clear off ice. It wasn't bad though and I think it has been about 2 years since we did it.

The picture of the little streaker is cute and I remember that being in our paper. I don't know the people. The streaking business is all over now and it is seldom mentioned around here.

Is Charlotte on vacation or business in California? I didn't even know she was going. Our vacation begins mid-July and we have talked a bit of going to western Canada. B needs to get away from his work in the worst way. We'll go somewhere but haven't made any definite plans.

Your quilt sounds unusual and I'll bet it will be beautiful. I don't think I ever saw a wine one but you know I always tried to get you to make a brown one after I saw one. I've seen a black & white one and it was pretty too. I'm anxious to see yours. I've been doing a little on my needlepoint and have been reading. Yesterday I sewed some on Pat's pantsuit. The skirt & pants are done except for snaps on the waist band and I've started the jacket. That takes a long time. There is so much work on a jacket.

It will be nice to have Mrs. Simmons close to you. She can walk over to see you more often maybe. I guess the steps got to be too much for her.

I've been having some trouble with a tooth but don't know what is going to be done with it. The dentist doesn't know whether the problem is in a tooth or the gums. He put me on penicillin and I have to see him again Monday afternoon. We just have to wait and see what happens. The x-ray didn't show a thing wrong. The tooth is ⅔ filling and he thinks it may be cracked. It is strange because it doesn't hurt very much now. It did at first so maybe it will just go away. I hope.

Polly's dad is out of the hospital now and is doing fine. I told you he had a heart attack. He has to stay indoors and do nothing for at least 2 weeks but he's at home and that is something.

I must write to the children so I'd better stop and do that. Hope you are fine."



NOTE: I love the stamp on this letter. "Letters mingle souls" is a quote from a poem by John Donne and the art is "Woman Writing a Letter" by Gerard ter Borch, c1655. This particular series of stamps was produced in honor the 100th anniversary of the Universal Postal Union, 1874-1974.


  1. That Jeep is quite a car and I love the shape o0f the caravan behind. The fridge advert puts me in mind of the HMV adverts with the little dog called "Nipper" gazing into the horn of the wind up gramophone.

  2. You're right! That dog does look like Nipper! That fridge has a built in am/fm radio. That's a trend that didn't last long!


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