Friday, February 19, 2016

April 27, 1974 The Wonderful Day, The Birthday Cakes, The Quilt Hoops, The Knitting Ladies and The Preacher's Wife

Dear Mother,

"This is a wonderful day and I had a dozen things I wanted to do but haven't done anything but talk on the phone. It is Parents' Day so B had to be at a luncheon and there are all sorts of other things going on at school.

There has been something to go to every day this week and we're about run down. We went to Larsens for dinner last night and did enjoy that.

B had a real nice birthday and got your card and money on the right day. He says for me to thank you. He stashed it away and will use it for something special one of these days. The girls in his office made two birthday cakes so all the people on his floor had cake and coffee that day. They do this when any of them have birthdays. I gave him an attachment for his camera and he had a lot of cards. We always put them on the mantle and they are still there.

I'm still sewing but am ready for B to mark hems for me when we can find a time. I did some more work on that white dress yesterday and hope it will be right when I get it hemmed. The red/white/blue braid really brightened it up. The pattern I used was just too big and I had trouble adjusting it.

One of the ladies in my knitting club asked if we'd help her quilt in her basement if she set up her frames. Most of us said yes. Several wanted to learn so that should be fun. She is an older retired person and lives alone. It will be a awhile before she is ready. If Beulah doesn't want to use the hoops anymore I may bring them home with me the next time we come and attempt to quilt with one. I gave my program on quilts again this week and hope that is the last. It is always well received but I'd like to relax for awhile.

Lee Wards in Chicago and the one in Elgin are both just huge. Elgin is the original one and is the mail order address. They are all owned by General Mills and do a tremendous amount of business. It is all for handwork and there is everything you can think of.

You had just better go call on the preacher's wife by yourself. Then you can go again if your friend wants to go.

Hope you are fine. B is home and we're going to some art shows on campus."



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