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March 13, 1965 The Long Days, The Applications, The Writing, The Typing and The Sweeping

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Bob is getting ready to go to a movie and Ann is in Canton, Illinois for a music contest so I'll be alone this evening.  B will be home about noon tomorrow and I'll be so glad.  The days are long when no one comes for lunch.

Ann was excited at noon.  She came home to dress up for the contest and had a student council meeting to go to at 12:15.  She gulped her lunch like I used to do. She is playing the piano for three groups--2 singing groups and a violin trio.  She was so worried about something to wear so I made a navy poplin dress with long sleeves.  When the weather gets hot we'll take out the sleeves.  I didn't want to make anything wool because winter must be about over.

Bob won't hear about his applications until April 15.  He is applying at 3 places. He wrote for information from a lot of them so he could choose a program he wanted and heard from all of them but one--Nevada.  Maybe they limit their program to students of their own state or maybe they'll still answer.  He heard from Delaware only a few days ago.  It wasn't interesting.  His first choice would be Tallahassee, Florida.  We were there that time we went with the college class to the Bahamas. His second choice is Seattle, Washington and then Cape Girardeau.

I didn't even know D & L were divorced.  Mildred said one time that they couldn't live with one another and they couldn't live without one another.  I'm glad you told me for I've intended to write to Mildred since Xmas and might have said something.  She wrote a long letter Xmas and was disappointed when I hadn't written a letter.

I had planned to spend most of this week writing but I didn't do much.  I typed some things Monday and then got started doing typing for Bob & sewing for Ann. The week is gone now and I haven't even cleaned the house. I think I'll run the sweeper tonight since the kids won't be home till 10:00 or after.  The music students went on a bus so I'll have to meet it.

I haven't been any place this week except to take the kids somewhere.  I took Ann to practice music Monday night and enjoyed listening to the girls sing.  Quill Club met last night but Bob had to go to the school lab to finish up an experiment and I thought he should do that.  So I didn't try to go.  He's ready to write up the project now.  It is more on the same one he did last year and is due March 31 so he's going to have to hustle.  The typing is hard to do because I don't understand any of it.

There just isn't much news so I'll say bye, for now, and get my sweeping done."

                Lots of love,


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