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November 15, 1964 Soaking and Blowing, Wishing and Watching, Worrying and Healing, and The Phone Kept Up

November 17, 1964

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Another beautiful week has gone by and people are still wearing suits & light coats.  We had a little rain but not enough.  B watered the evergreens again today. He & Bob raked the yard again & it looks nice now.  The wind brings leaves & papers in but maybe we'll get a good soaking rain one of these days & things will stop blowing around.  I worked in the flower beds one afternoon, too.

Ann has been at school almost every night this week.  They are putting on a play & she has been helping with the make-up.  It has been real interesting to her but she is tired of it and was wishing she didn't have to go tonight.

Bob is watching T.V.  He went to the last football game of the season today.  The golf course is closed for the season so he gets a little bored sometimes.  He goes to scout meetings this year and they do things together.

I have worried all week about you two and was so glad to have your letter.  I'm glad Daddy feels better and I'm glad the sore places are healing.  I didn't dream that shingles did that.  I thought it was a rash.  We don't have any medical books around here but I wish I did.  I guess it is just as well that we didn't get to come to see you for you would have been doing extra work & you don't need that right now.

We had a nice time & enjoyed having Buddy & his family.  Ruth came instead of Bessie & I think she enjoyed the day.  Michael came on the bus with the other boys so we saw him only a minute at the field.  He has grown so tall--still has those big, thoughtful eyes.  B had tickets for the University game & I think Buddy loved it.

I was surprised at Charlotte's move but she probably knows what she's doing. She will be lots closer home & I imagine that means a lot to all of them.  Her birthday is next week & now I'm wondering if I should send her package to Paris or home.

Art is getting better all of the time but B's work is not going to lighten up for a long time.  He is so behind with regular things.  Art can now go to the office for 2 hrs. every day.  He will gradually work up to a half day & that has to continue for two or three months.

We had a Pen Women workshop today in Bloomington so I was there most of the day.  Ann did what cleaning to the house got done.  I started yesterday & the phone kept up until I never did get it finished.

We have to go get Ann & I want to mail this so take care of yourselves."

                          Lots of love,


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