Sunday, October 19, 2014

January 24, 1965 The Water, The Guitar, The Four Big Boys and The Navy Shoes


Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I spent most of yesterday mopping up water in the basement instead of writing letters.  It rained hard
for about 24 hours so a lot of people have water in their basements.  We have never had so much.  It started coming in under the molding at the floor Friday night.  The rain has changed to snow now so it is coming in more slowly now.

Bob had a nice birthday.  He was happy to have the money and I saved your card & the money & put it in with the things we gave him on his birthday.  We gave him a dictionary of tropical fish and some clothes he needed.  I made his cake Friday so he could have it when three of his friends were here. They came for supper & stayed all night.  They went home after lunch Saturday.  They always look forward to it but one of them will be gone to college next year.

Ann's guitar never did come but we did finally hear from the order after B wrote & then sent a telegram.  They couldn't fill the order for another month or two so B took Ann to Bloomington & got one.  It is almost exactly like the one we had ordered.

This has been a tiring week.  Four big boys can eat so much that I had to plan a lot of food.  I went to a coffee Friday morning in the pouring rain and that night B showed some of our Greek pictures to the English department.  They gave a party for one of the men who just finished his Ph.D.  B was their program.

Thursday afternoon I went to a luncheon for As You Like It Club. We usually just have dessert but this one hostess always invites us for lunch and it is always such a nice party.  She owns a loan company, is divorced and has no children.  She gives beautiful parties but she must be one of the loneliest persons I know.  All she seems to really have is a big poodle that loves her.

How are you both?  I hope you will be real careful this winter and not get any flu bugs.  We have been pretty lucky that way but I almost feel like saying it with my fingers crossed.

Ann had a dental appointment Friday and doesn't have to see him again until the end of March.  That is good news to me for it saves a lot of driving.

I haven't done much knitting since Christmas so I still have a long way to go on my sweater.  Maybe I'll have it for next fall.

Enna Jetticks 1965

Spring clothes are being displayed in the store windows but I'm not going to buy much except a hat.  I bought a pair of navy shoes on sale last week and they will be my spring shoes.  I do want to make that piece of whipped cream print before long & Ann will want something, I know.

I must stop so I can get this mailed.  Hope you are both fine."

                                 Lots of love,




  1. I do enjoy these letters, the guitars remind me of when I was a teenager and wanted one.

  2. Thank you, David! The guitar didn't interest me for very long, probably because I didn't want to practice!


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