Wednesday, October 29, 2014

February 29, 1965 The Day was Gone, The Snow was Fine & Dry, The Rabbits are Enjoying the Tulips and The Thing is a Mess

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I didn't get this done yesterday because we had potluck here last night.  By the time I cleaned the house and made pies the day was gone.  The couple who was supposed to bring dessert are away on their vacation so I had to furnish it.

Of course, you know what kind of weather we have had.  It has been so nice and so terrible all in one week.  It is hard to realize that we had so much snow for it was warm yesterday and the snow is melting fast.  The snow was fine and dry and the wind so high that there were ten feet drifts on the highways.  Schools closed and two women died in separate places on a clogged highway.  Even the snow plows bogged down in the drifts.

I have sewed a little more on my whipped cream dress and could have finished it, I guess, but haven't hurried.  Today is so nice I wish it was ready to wear because we have to help the President & his wife with a faculty tea.  That dress would be just right to wear.  I made a jacket for it and have been lining it like Charlotte showed me.  It seems terribly slow but it is neat.

I heard a flock of geese go over real early this morning.  Maybe that's a sign of spring.  Some people have seen robins but I haven't.  The rabbits seem to be enjoying the tulips that are coming up.  The little rascals!

We didn't watch Cinderella but so many people have talked about it being good. There was a public program at the high school on Vietnam and it was broadcast so we wanted to hear that.  The man who made the speech is a young professor at one of our state schools.  He gave an excellent hour's speech and then answered questions.  After the program he talked to the students and Bob said he suggested the U.S. move out of Vietnam and into Thailand and stop the communists from moving into it.  All in all, the thing is a mess.

March, 1959, Life

Well, I stopped to get dinner and now it is time to dress for the tea.  Hope you both are fine.  Watch out for the flu bug."

                         Lots of love,


NOTE:  Here's a quick look at the made for T.V. Cinderella...


  1. The last blog I visited had a picture of Alice.

    Reading these post it's noticeable how much 'cleaning' went on: the house, the windows ... Busy life back then.

  2. Hello, Mike! Yes, windows, walls, floors, the works! Unfortunately, I didn't inherit the "housecleaning gene"!


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