Sunday, September 21, 2014

August 22, 1964 Back from Missouri, The Yard, The Plants, The Jealous Cat and The Paint

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It seems strange not to have a letter from you this week but it also seems much longer than a week since we were home.

Grandparents' home, Richland, Missouri 

The marigold looked a little wilted after I potted it but I left it outside & it soon straightened out. We've had a good rain & fairly cool weather & that helped too, While I was potting that plant I divided my Christmas cactus & maybe it will bloom this year.  I also have to re-pot that big philodendron you gave me.  I guess it used up all the food in that pot for it just about died last winter.

Yesterday I worked in the yard all day but you can't tell it. The ground was soft after the rain & it was a good time to pull weeds.  About two more days' work would clean things up but I'll have to wait awhile until my muscles limber up.  I feel about 100 today.

Ann has been planning her school clothes and we have ordered a skirt and some blouses. She can still wear quite a few things she has but I have to change some hems.  We found a pattern for the material you gave her but couldn't get the size so we'll have to wait for it.  That material is certainly pretty & we had bought her a pair of dark green suede shoes for her birthday which she didn't even know about.  They just matched the material but were too big so we have to wait for them, too.  The store was out of her size so maybe I'll get the dress made about the time the shoes come.

The white cat (Guillaume) is still here & I guess he's here to stay.  He does look better though, since my neighbor & I have been pouring the food into him.  He gets whiter every day & will be real pretty when he fattens up.  Our cat acts jealous of him now.  I think she'd just as soon he left.

Ann's arm seems fine.  She still wears the sling but takes it off for a few minutes once in awhile. Polly & her folks were going to the state fair today but Ann didn't want to go.

Bob & Malcolm went to hear Goldwater speak but didn't see any of the fair.  Mrs. Ross took them. Another afternoon the boys went out to Bruce's & helped put up hay.  Bob was the dirtiest kid I ever saw when he got back but earned a little money & they got the hay in before it rained.

We finally bought the paint for the ceilings so maybe I'll get going on it one of these days.  I don't want to paint walls so it will have to be brushed on & that is so slow.

We still can't find anything about marble but Bob suggests you try the glass grinding recipe--mix fine emery powder with glycerin & polish.  The glycerine will wash off with water.  I must stop & get the kitchen cleaned up so bye for now."

                              Lots of love,


NOTE:  While we were away, July 14, 1964...


  1. So Mom had nothing to say about her son's exposure to Goldwater? I'm amazed.

    Bob K

  2. Mrs. Ross took him and I bet Mom said, "If you want to go hear him, someone else will have to take you!" Or, "I wouldn't drive an inch to hear him!" :-)


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