Thursday, August 28, 2014

June 23, 1964 On the Sacred Way to Delphi, Daphne and Livadia

June 23, on the sacred way to Delphi.  Motel Xenia, Itea, Greece, 12 miles from Delphi.

Camp ground with tents.  Olive trees.  Oleander, Morning Glories.

Church of Daphne.  1400-1500 Turks plastered over mosaics.  Built 1100?  Mosaics tell story of Christ's life.  Stern Christ in center of dome.

Square, boxy houses, plaster, white with red window frames, blue trim around top.  Cream colored homes or plain cement, red clay soil in olive orchards.  Grey and dark brown donkeys tied to trees or peddling carts.  Bee hives in orchards.  Trees tapped for sap.  Fields of onions, wheat, tobacco, tomatoes.

Thebes--pens of geese, sheep, oldest city in Greece.  Farmers plowing with donkeys, tractors, large machines.  In grain fields women hoeing, farmers making irrigation ditches for vegs., cotton fields.

Stop at Livadia.  Straw shepherd huts, women taking bread from outdoor oven.

Triple way:  3 roads meeting where Oedipus killed father.  Red poppies, lots of yellow flowers, fig tees, Queen Anne's lace.  

Donkey driver gave yellow flowers which they chew for milk.

Delphi.  Pomegranate, almond, olive trees.  Center of world.  Treasury, Temple of Apollo, first temple.

Tomorrow, Olympia.

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