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July 20, 1960 Really Thankful, Can't Find Time, Pretty Lilies and A Tiny Bit of Attention

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is so hot & humid tonight we are all puffing.  I'm really thankful it wasn't this way last week.  The girls stayed till Sun. afternoon and we all had a good time.  Two of them wrote thank-you letters but we haven't heard from the other one.

Ann is doing pretty well on the violin.  It surprises me when she plays a little song. She has been going to band everyday, too.

Wheelers are in Bloomington, Indiana this summer so we're going over tomorrow to see them & come home Sunday.  Jim is teaching there this summer & all of the family went with him except the boy.  He is a little older than Bob & is going to a special summer school at Notre Dame on some kind of award program.

Bob has his box all ready to use in seeing the eclipse.  He plans to take some pictures, too.

I finally ordered some drapes from Wards.  They are not as full as I'd like them to be and have to be hemmed up but they will do.  I just couldn't start making them for they are so hard to make & it seems I can't find time for anything extra.

I showed Mrs. Hodge the booklet on Mo. but she had one almost like it.  A long time ago I told her to write to the conservation dept. at Jeff. City but she didn't hear until last week.  They sent her a big batch of nice folders.  They want to just rest & maybe fish a little so she is going to write for information on Bennett Springs.

I have some pretty lilies now that we had a little rain.  I had hoped one would be pink but so far there isn't one.  One clump isn't going to bloom this year so maybe it will be pink when it does bloom.  The petunias just keep blooming even with a tiny bit of attention.

We want to start about 8:00 in the morning & I don't have our suitcase ready.  It is about 200 miles.

Hope you both are fine."

                            Lots of love,


NOTE:  The image at the top is from an article in Ladies Home Journal, June, 1963.  I can't recall a time when our mom didn't love having a houseful of kids, in spite of the noise, music and mess!

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