Thursday, June 12, 2014

December 14, 1962 Early, Dragging and Wasted

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"For once, I'm early with my letter.  I've been looking for something on Christmas customs and thought you might use this article or part of it.  I'd read it a few days ago and like it.  The parts are numbered so you can read them in the right order.

It is still bitter cold but I haven't been out much this week. I got up with a sore throat Sunday and it has kept me dragging all week so I haven't been able to do anything much.  I did finish up my cards and most of them are mailed.  It has been a wasted week and I didn't even go to the Quill Club Christmas Party.  I feel better today and the soreness is all gone out of my glands.

We are planning to come home on Saturday (22nd.) and will come back the day after Christmas.  That will give us several days.  I don't think any of Buddy's plan to come to Richland for Ruth told me they would be there.  I suppose she meant Buddy's or at their own home.

Bessie's spoons are state souvenir spoons.  Maybe you can get her an Iowa one if you go back to Aunt Jane's sometime.  She didn't have that one.  Most of them were southern states.

Saturday Evening Post feature (Dec. 1962) on The American Woman
I'm not going to try to make cookies this year unless I get some unexpected free time next week.  We wanted to make some candy but with this week out I can't do that either.

B & Bonnie, December, 1962
The potluck group comes here tomorrow night but they bring the food so I just have to clean the house and set the table.

I finally got Ann's red dress done and she is real proud of it.  Her piano teacher took her to a concert one night so she wore it.

I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet and don't much like some of the things I have bought.  It is a real job to find things you think others would like.

I hope you both are fine and we'll plan to see you next Saturday sometime."

                          Lots of love,


Joy & Cheer, I'm almost finished with another year!

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