Friday, May 23, 2014

July 22, 1962 The Cabbage, The Encyclopedias, The Piano, The Armenian and The State Park

 Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This week has really gone in a hurry yet it seems like a month since we were home.  We still have a few tomatoes & a cabbage.  I cooked one whole cabbage & fixed it with cheese.  It was really good.

We have really worked this week besides all the other things we had to do.  I saw the Dr. Monday & am in perfect shape.  My blood count was the best it has been in years so my iron pills have helped.  I was really happy that everything was fine.  B had a tooth pulled & got a partial plate to fill in the gap.  It's a little hard for him to get used to it but he's beginning to adjust.

The encyclopedias came & we had them to unpack.  I called the piano movers again & they didn't have any trouble getting the piano in the study.  I had one man come to see before he brought his crew.  Before they came I washed the walls, cleaned the rug & polished the floor in the study so the piano could be put in a clean spot.  Then I had to start on the living room.  The console for the organ came but B uncrated it in the garage & left it there until I finished the walls & rug in the living room.  I had planned to clean the upholstery too but didn't because I was worn out & we wanted to get the console in the house.  It is lovely but so big that we had to take it thru the hall & around thru the kitchen & dining room to get it to the living room.  It wouldn't make the turn at the front of the hall.  B has really been working hard on the kit parts & is ready to take a board out of the console to work on.  We have organ parts all over the place.

One night we went to the church to get instructions for the canvassing we have to do for the building fund.  That drive starts next week & I do dread it.  I hate to ask people for money.

Then we went to a dinner for Sorensens & I went to a handkerchief shower for Edna last night.   Tonight we went to dinner with a man from the State Dept. in Washington who is here as an interpreter for some Turkish teachers.  He has been here before with foreign teachers & is very interesting.  He is Armenian & writes some beautiful things.  We had a real nice time.

We plan to drive to a state park tomorrow but have to be back for a church meeting Sunday evening.

It's 11:30 so I'd better go to bed.  I'll never be able to get up tomorrow.

I'm glad you gave Tammy the clothes.  I'm always happy to give things to someone that really wants them.

Hope you both are fine.  Ann coughs a little once in awhile but seems fine."

                          Lots of love,


NOTE:  Thanks, Bob, for taking the picture of the Britanicas and for the example of how outdated they are now!

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  1. I remember the organ project clearly- Dad loved to build electronic stuff and this had nearly 1 mile of wire hooking up 80+ vacuum tubes!


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