Wednesday, May 28, 2014

August 25, 1962 Hot & Dry, Loud & Long, Dingy & Faded and A Real Nice Bean Pot

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Happy Birthday, Daddy.  We wish we could have come home this weekend but we are planning to come next weekend and will bring you a package and help you celebrate again.  We don't want to drive Friday since traffic will be terrible that evening but will plan to start early Sat. and be there sometime in mid-afternoon.  Then we'll come back to Normal on Tuesday.

We have had a week of terribly hot, dry weather.  Our house is fairly cool but we've about cooked.  It is wonderfully cool again now and we had some rain last night so things have freshened up a bit.  Everything needed water but workmen are cleaning the water storage tanks and we have to be a little saving with the water until they can all be filled again.

Ann has her record player now and I'm sure all the neighbors know all of her records by now.  She has played it loud and long.  All of us were tired so we didn't stay too long in Chicago after we got the record player and got home pretty early.

It has been too hot to do much of anything this week but I did get some pillows covered for the basement and my red tablecloth dyed.  It had become dingy and faded looking so I put it in red Rit.

I would love to see Buddy and Bessie's new house but we won't try to find it this time.  They are probably worn out and I wouldn't want to see anyone if I was trying to move.

Bob has gone fishing with Mr. Hodge next door.  They will probably stay all day and have a wonderful time.  It is surprising what a good time Bob has with that old man.  They went one night this week but didn't catch anything.

Polly is home so she and Ann are off together.  She brought Ann a sweatshirt from the Annapolis Academy so both of them are dressed in black shorts with those hot sweatshirts on.  She and Ann make a real pair.  She is blond and a real good kid.  Polly brought me a bean pot from a pottery in W.Va.  It is real nice.

Ann did her first baby sitting one night this week.  She went across the street and stayed with three little girls.  They were in bed but 2 of them woke up.  She got along real well with them, though.

We will plan to see you next Sat. and hope all of you are fine.  Did Daddy ever get the wood for his rocker?  Maybe we could find what he wants if he'd tell us exactly what it is."

                       Lots of love,


NOTE:  Yes, I listened to my music "loud and long", but so did our dad.  He took a lot of teasing for cranking up the stereo to listen to a top hit of 1962.  Listen below to a favorite of his and to one of mine.

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