Wednesday, July 6, 2016

March 5, 1977 The Silly Shoes, The Birthday Cards, The Few Words, The Kimono and The Spring-Like Things

Dear Mother,

"There isn't much news to write this week. Your pretty birthday card & the money came Tuesday on my birthday and before we left for Chicago. Thanks very much. It's always nice to have some to spend for something extra but I still have the money even after having hours to shop. There wasn't much of interest to see or buy. The windows were full of spring clothes and most of them are very pretty this year.

The shirtwaist is as good as ever but the shoes are sure silly--high, high, thick heels. The kids wear them but I never could. I wasn't looking for shoes but I looked in the windows of the stores and on the women walking along. They look so uncomfortable.

I bought three little pieces of quilt scraps and saw lots more but most of them are around $3 a yard and that is silly.

We left for Chicago about 10:00 a.m. Tuesday & got back last night. Our paper boy had taken our mail out of the box & put it in a box in the garage so we didn't have that to bother with. There was a lot of it even for the few days we were gone. A lot of it was birthday cards.

Bob & Pat called Monday night before we left the next day so we visited a long time. They called from home so we could talk to Pat, too. Bob usually calls from work. They are all fine and haven't had the bad winter we have had. Pat says Bobby can climb into the big chairs & onto the couch now, and tries to feed himself. He doesn't eat baby foods anymore but takes a bottle to bed with him. She says he tries to say a few words but does lots of jabbering especially when he gets mad at her. She says he shakes his finger at her & really scolds and of course it's funny to them.

I have to help with the Folk Art Fair this afternoon & maybe tomorrow. I'll have to at least go and get some of my things they are using--my kimono & some other things.

We also have to go to a concert tomorrow night & then to a reception for the man who is playing. I'd much rather stay home but we can't get out of it.

B is getting ready to go to the office to catch up on his work & I must wash my hair. 

Hope you are fine & that things are looking a bit spring-like."



NOTE: For a quick look and to read about the kimono, see this post:

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