Monday, February 25, 2013

April 9, 1954 Kimono, Where the Long Hairs Meet, Rural Crafts and Enjoying Tokyo

Bonnie's kimono, obi and sash
Diary Entry:  April 9, 1954

"Betty & I left B & Sol with children & went downtown.  Teruko-san went to Yokohama for day to see her cousins.  We went to kimono mart first.  Brought B a rayon/silk kimono, Ann & Bob obis & myself a silk kimono & obi.  Went to Ramie & got tablecloth, then patterns & browsed thru a few shops.  Ate lunch in an arty coffee shop, "The West", where long hairs meet & where they played classical records all the time.  Dashed to Takumi's to see crafts of rural areas.

After supper Nishimuras came in for coffee & to see my kimono.  They said it was very good & asked price.  New ones 20-25,000.  Special occasion kimono for spring.  Obi selection very good.  Takes special cleaning.  Must be taken apart, washed & stretched.  Put together again."

B's kimono

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