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March 26, 1977 The Buckets & Boxes, The Lilies, The Cherry Blossoms, The Spring Vacation and The Wonderful Evening

Dear Mother,

"We have just had breakfast so I'll start my letter. For the third time we're going to try & get some topsoil to fill in around the foundation where the dirt has settled. A friend owns a vacant lot in Normal & when he heard we were trying to get some he told us to go get what we wanted. We're going to see if we can haul it in buckets & boxes in the trunk of the car. We don't need very much but I can't put in any plants until we get some and the drainage from the foundation needs to be good, too.

I plan to move some lilies around the back since they spread and will mostly cover the foundation without being planted close to the house. Other things won't grow there because they don't get rain & they soon die. The overhang isn't very wide in the back but it does keep rain off most of the time.

Today is supposed to be in the 60's so it should be nice working outdoors. We're still wearing jackets & coats because the wind stays cold even if the temperature is warm.

Bob says it has been beautiful in Washington with lots of early flowers blooming. I saw on T.V. that the cherry blossoms are out there now. That's something I've always wanted to see.

Ann & Bob are planning to go see Bob, Pat & Bobby this weekend. I hope they go see the cherries. Ann wrote a long letter this week & then I talked to her one evening. She had told us earlier that she might come home during her spring vacation but when she didn't mention it in her letter we decided we'd better find out so we wouldn't be gone when she came. She still doesn't know but probably won't since April is coming up so fast. She was thinking there was more time before her vacation started. She & Bob plan to be home sometime this summer. They think they'll buy one of the special railroad tickets & take a long trip that way--getting off when & where they please. They said they'd be here & go on to Bob's mother & on to Colorado. They haven't made any definite plans yet so things may change.

Have you heard about the T.V. show that will be on NBC on Palm Sunday & Easter from 7:00 - 10:00 p.m.? It is Jesus of Nazareth & is supposed to show the story of his life based on the book of John. Maybe you'll want to see it.

This letter has been a long time in the writing. I quit & we started hauling dirt so now it is almost 2:00 & we just finished lunch. We did get all the dirt we needed & have it spread about where we wanted it and I can finish in a short time.

B has to go to a reception for scholarship winners so he has to get cleaned up for that. I'm just glad I don't have to go.

We had an interesting time last night. The foreign students have had special programs fairly often all year to show people about their countries. This past week was Africa week. There were talks & other things about Africa all week and we had a special invitation for last night. We ate an African dinner--a rice dish, boiled chicken in a tomato sauce, lettuce salad, fruit & a sweet honey bread. It was all good. Then there was a movie about Africa. We have students from Ethiopia, Senegal, Nigeria & Rhodesia & someone from each country showed slides of their homeland. Then there was a style show of their native costumes & finally African dances. It was really a wonderful evening & the place was packed.

Our basement is all straightened up now but there are still lots of things I have to do. The old curtains are faded & don't look so good but I washed them & put them up until I can make some. They are short & straight so it won't take much material, or time either.

I still can't tell you when we'll be home but we'll let you know before we come.

I must stop so B can mail this on his way to school."




  1. I loved this one Ann. It's funny after reading so many of these, I somehow hear the difference in your mom's "voice" in the later letters. That inner calm that comes with maturity or when our lives slow down a little, I'm not sure but there is a slight difference.

    1. Thank you, Pam. I think you are right and throughout the letters I have detected several different voices as you say. Mom was in general, perpetually calm in most any circumstance, but maybe less prone to comment on every little thing as she got older. In any case, I'm so happy that you enjoyed this letter and others I hope! Thanks again.


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