Thursday, July 7, 2016

March 12, 1977 The Long Letter, The Little Playground, The New President, The Wonderful Green Backyard and The Floor People

Dear Mother,

"Your letter hasn't come this week but I hope I'll have it today. We had a long letter from Ann and they still like their jobs and living there. They are talking about a house now so I guess they feel settled.

Her job keeps her really busy and I guess she gets pretty tired sometimes after going to different schools but she loves it. I think she meets with teachers in different schools to help them with children who have problems. When she and Bob have free time they take short trips to see the country around them. They usually send us a postcard so we're never surprised to get them from most any place.

Bob called yesterday and they are fine. He had been in Florida for a three day meeting. They are having spring in Washington. It is warm and the flowers are blooming. Bobby loves the outdoors and Bob says he knows the way to the little playground that is 3 blocks from their apartment. They will have to watch him when the doors are open this summer.

Our anniversary is April 13 so we have made reservations to go to Hawaii for 2 weeks (April 15 - April 30). We are so excited about it we can hardly think of anything else. That will be our vacation, of course, but we almost have to do it before July 1 when this president is to leave.

There is a committee looking for the new president. Someone (we don't know who) nominated B for the job but he doesn't want to be considered. It was an honor but he doesn't want that job when he hopes to retire in a few years. Anyway, he will need to be on campus most of the time this summer.

We do plan to come to Richland before we go to Hawaii but don't know yet when that will be.

Our backyard is getting green and it looks so wonderful. We've had a few warm days and things are trying to sprout.

B was in Chicago all day yesterday and I could have gone but didn't have any real reason to go so I stayed at home and sewed. I'm making a jacket and they take a long time.

The floor people are laying the carpet in the basement on Wednesday. I finished the painting on Monday and B helped me with the other things that night. We had to take the handrail down and the metal edges off the stairs. I don't know how long it will take for the men to do the floor but one place told us it could be done in one day. That sounds awfully fast to me.

I hope your weather is nice and that you are fine."



NOTES: The Hawaii trip became the first of an annual tradition that would continue for nearly 3 more decades. The draw? Hawaiian quilt making, among the obvious!

We bought the house, pictured above (blue shutters on the left), one of a group of row houses on what is known as Simon Barnard Row. Built in 1856 and in need of serious restoration, it was a project that would last 6 years. Barnard was a local businessman and political activist who was an advocate of the anti-slavery movement. The homes were typical of 19th century working class homes.  Here is the "before" picture of the row.


  1. Pretty brave of you and Bob to undertake such a "fixer upper" for your first home. And to think there was no HGTV to guide you! There must have been frustrations but I'll bet you were justifiably proud of what you accomplished. Was this somewhere in Pennsylvania?

    1. You're not kidding! We sure learned a lot and would do it again in a minute...if we were younger. The house is in West Chester, PA, west of Philadelphia. Wonderful old town, then and now!


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