Sunday, July 10, 2016

December 19, 1977 The Cake, The Tree and The Call

Dear Mother,

"This is a very wet, cold day. Bobby is having his nap and Bob has gone to a movie with Pat's brother. I made a cake this morning but haven't done much else.

Workmen have been around to clean up water that is coming into the building after all the rain.

The Xmas tree is up and waiting to be decorated and I can see a few trees in other windows at night. It still doesn't seem like Xmas to me. Maybe there will be some music on T.V. today.

B will call me tonight and I always enjoy hearing about home.

Hope you're better every day."

                 Much love,


NOTE:  For the first time since 1942, Bonnie wrote to her mother at a different address, that of a nursing home. I can only imagine how it must have felt to her. The letters of April through December are nowhere to be found and certainly fewer were written because of Bonnie's frequent trips to Richland during those difficult months. Both grandmothers were quite ill during the spring of 1977, and just prior to Christmas, B had gone to Richland to be with them. Of course, there was good reason for Bonnie not to travel with him at that time.

Here's the happy news! B made that trip so that Bonnie could be in Bethesda with Bob & Pat to celebrate the birth of their delightful baby girl. Meet Bonnie Anne!

And as we end this very short year of letters, I offer my sincere gratitude to each of you for reading, writing and enjoying the letters and hope you'll return tomorrow. Merry Christmas, from our family to yours, 1977!

See you soon!

NOTE: Interested in watching a Christmas special from December, 1977? Here you go!


  1. Bless you and your mom, Ann! This was about the time I returned home to Pope AFB from my second two-month squadron rotation to Europe. This one was to Rhein Main AB, near Frankfurt, Germany. Great missions, interesting flying in "interesting" weather and we left our aircraft there to equip a new squadron. A bit stressful thinking about the home front while I was gone as my wife was pregnant with our second and she was wrangling a two year old to boot.
    Is there anything more precious than a new born infant? Those teeny tiny hands and feet!

  2. Thank you, Mike. Your vivid memories of such interesting times in the life of your young family have sure added a lot to the blog. Your AF years sent you to many places. I can imagine that much of that work might have been distracted by the separation from your family. Hats off to military families who do that all of the time and without question, and for the good of everyone! No, nothing is more precious than a newborn! Thanks again for writing and sharing your part of 1977.


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