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September 3, 1976 The Food, The Movers, The Dark, The Speaker and The Little Cartoon

Dear Mother,

"I have been making a coffee cake and fixing food ahead so we won't have to work much while Ann & Bob are here. They will be here this afternoon and probably stay until Tuesday. The movers took their furniture on Monday and they have been in Marshall this week. It will seem strange for them not to be in Columbia--at least for awhile.

Bob called yesterday during the noon hour so B got to talk with him this time. They are all fine. Bobby has been waking up in the night and seems afraid of the dark. I can remember when Bob did the same thing. It was about this same age, too.

This has been a busy week. I introduced our speaker at the Quilt Show Tuesday night & spent the afternoon there, too. Our crowd was so big we ran out of seats for them & the woman was real interesting--big & jolly and had some nice pictures to show of quilts--some old & some she had made for people. She gets around $400. for her quilts. I also met a class of college students & their professor in the Gallery yesterday morning and had a nice time with them.

Mildred called and said they would be here Sept. 23 and spend the weekend so it means they will be here several days. She said they will be coming to see you but it will probably be after they leave here. One of Ester Mae's girls lives in Springfield and they plan to visit her.

If nothing happens we will be coming to Richland next weekend. We'll come Friday and will get there about 8 or 9 so don't plan any supper for us. We'll have to come back on Sunday, as usual. If you still want to do it, cash your bonds and have the money in your checking account. Then you can just give me a check and that will be easy. The timing is good for you really won't lose any interest this way.

I don't know where summer went but things sound & feel like fall. I saw a little cartoon the other day where a little boy was saying, "Summer runs but winter walks."  I guess we all feel that way.

It is almost noon & I want B to mail this when he goes back to school.

If we have to change plans for next weekend we will call you."



NOTE:  Just for fun, look at the Saturday Evening Post's choices for the best TV commercials. Although Coke had a special Bicentennial ad, the Post's most memorable award went to the iconic 1971 piece:

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