Thursday, June 16, 2016

October 8, 1976 The Vacation, The Weather, The Crowds, The Clubs and The Aspirin Lecture

Dear Mother,

"I'll rest a bit and write to you. We have both gone in a run all week trying to get things done so we can go on a vacation. We plan to leave tomorrow and be back on Saturday, October 24. We'll be at Ann's about Oct. 18 or 19. Her phone is 215-648-0394. Then we'll go to Bob's about Oct. 20 and leave for home from there on Oct. 22. His phone is 301-493-9614. Before we see the children we are going up into Vermont to see some museums but haven't made any reservations for any one place. We are both so tired we need to just rest for awhile. Bob, Pat & Bobby will ride back to Normal with us and then take one of our cars to Chicago for about a week. They will stay with friends while Bob is attending a medical meeting and then come back here for a week.

The weather is cool but today is sunny & bright. It is Homecoming weekend in Normal for several of the schools so I hope the weather is nice.

We had some real nasty weather early in the week. It was so dark & windy it was like mid-winter. I brought my plants in and finally cut off the tomato vines.

There were so many big green ones I just couldn't throw them in the garbage so I made 11 pts. of chow-chow and 6 qts. of mincemeat. It all looks good. The rest of the tomatoes are spread out on the ping pong table table in the basement. If they ripen while we're gone it will be wonderful but it was worth a try even if they rot. I have a drawer full of partially ripe ones in the refrigerator.

The Quilt Show closed Sunday and the crowds were still coming. The total count of visitors was 10, 358--the biggest crowd they have ever had at any art show on our campus. It will move to Peoria Art Gallery on Oct. 29 and the director of that gallery called me Wednesday and asked if I'd give a talk on the opening day. I'd love to do it but that is the day Bob & Pat will be coming from Chicago so I just couldn't. I will go over to the Peoria gallery some day during the show.

We didn't get the quilt all finished at our show so we brought it home and set the frames in the living room. I finally got it finished and bound yesterday & took it back to the Gallery. I think that is my last big job with the show.

My clubs have all started their fall programs but I have missed them all. I just couldn't fit everything in.

We had a short card from Ann this week. Bob has started his job and they have been sightseeing a bit. Bob B. told me on the phone this week that he had talked to Ann and hoped they'd spend the weekend with them.

We also had a letter from Mildred. They are still traveling and really having a good time.

I don't want to fuss at you about your medicine but you are doing a very dangerous thing when you start taking aspirin again and you are taking aspirin even though it is called Anacin and you are taking more aspirin in each Anacin tablet than you were taking in Bayer aspirin or Bufferin. If you take the Arthritis Anacin you are getting even more aspirin and naturally it will kill the pain since it is so strong. An overdose of any medicine or anything (even salt or soda) is dangerous but you never even took a full does of either Datril or Tylenol. Bob said you could take up to 10 tablets a day but 8 should be enough. That would be 2 at each meal & 2 at bedtime. Most people can take aspirin but some cannot or should not and you are one who should not. Why don't you try the 8 Datril or Tylenol & really give them a chance? I think they'd work and you will sleep. Since you stopped aspirin you look better, write better and don't shake nearly as much. Please don't take it.

We'll write you cards often while we're on the trip. Call one of the kids if you need us."



NOTE: In the mood for some Green Tomato Mincemeat? You can find the recipe in this post from 1956.


  1. Ann, I'm not sure how many more of your mom's letters there may be left for you to post, but I have to say that reading them has become a brief little oasis of sanity for me. Maybe it's because we're all close in age and lived through the same times. Whatever. To come over here after so much as a glance at any news source on line is like a cool breeze on a summer day. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Mike. You have made my day.


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