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October 13, 1956 ISNU Homecoming, Hopping Bonnie, Falling Leaves, Waiting for Good Dirt, Green Tomato Mincemeat and Autumn Cranberry P-Apple Salad

The Index, 1956
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This is homecoming week-end here so there is lots of excitement around.  I wish you could have been here to see the fun.  Last night we drove around after dark to see the houses all decorated up and then went to the bonfire.  There were so many houses to see that we didn't get in on the pep meeting they have around the bonfire.  Each year they make a pile of boxes and boards about as big as a house and have a pep meeting before the big homecoming football game.  This morning we watched the parade from Watterson's front porch.  Bob marched in his cub scout uniform and you never saw such a proud kid.

Woman's Day, Oct., 1956

This has been quite a week.  There has been something extra everyday so I haven't even done the things I need to do like iron or clean.  I've had a meeting with each of the kid's teachers, worked at a church supper, and both B & I had another church meeting besides two days for piano and today was swimming day.  Then I had the scouts here Tuesday after school.  There are 8 of them and they keep me hopping.

Today is such a marvelous day I wish we could go some place special.  The leaves are all colors and are falling fast.

Did I tell you we planned to fill in a bit north of the house?  We still haven't got the dirt because the place was out of the good dirt I got before and we've been waiting.  Mrs. Hodge had her bulbs dug up and gave me a box of them.  They are mostly narcissus and I put them around the walk and drive.

We were glad to get your letter and know that you were home again.  We really enjoyed having you here but the time went awfully fast.  I'm glad you had such a nice trip and I don't blame Daddy for not wanting to go to town.  It's about time he had a vacation.

I had a letter from Beulah after you got home.  That was real luck on the linoleum.  I'm so glad she could use it.  The bulbs finally came but I haven't had a chance to mail them to her.  It will be a rather late birthday present.

I made green tomato mincemeat and it was delicious.  It's every bit as good as real mincemeat.

We have a Sunday School picnic tomorrow afternoon and I have to make a salad to take.  Maybe I'd better get it done.

Hope you aren't too tired."

                      Lots of love,


NOTE:  Bonnie enjoyed college and pro sports and understood the games well.  She would find it amusing that a woman's magazine provided details as pictured above.  Readers who knew her can imagine her saying, "Why in the world would you bother to watch a game you didn't understand!"

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