Saturday, June 25, 2016

October 30, 1976 The Work Plans, The Cheerios and Toast, The Company, The Bright Color and The Non-Voters

Dear Mother,

"It is late but it has been a busy day and I'm afraid to wait till morning to write because tomorrow will be busy too.  Bob & Pat came home yesterday instead of today so my work plans changed a bit. We were glad to see them and I think they were glad to be home after all the visiting in Chicago. Bob goes to Iowa on Sunday and will be back Tuesday. He's been working on his talk.

Bobby jabbers most of the time and is real happy. He is so friendly with everyone he sees and is happy with me while Bob & Pat do things they want to do. He loves Cheerios and toast. I guess it is because he can eat them with his fingers. He still won't try to walk but sure can get around crawling.

We had company for supper tonight & Bobby sat in his high chair at the table and entertained us. He had his supper early but ate some bread & jabbered away.

We have been promised some warm weather but it stays cold. If tomorrow is nice we'd like to get the leaves raked. They look dry & ugly now. I picked leaves up during our trip & put them in our travel guide books to press. They look real pretty & still have their color. We have our potluck group here in November so I'll use them for decoration on the table.

This has been a busy week. It always takes a while to get clothes washed & put away after we've been on a trip and I spent almost a whole day writing letters--answering mail that had come while we were gone.

Ann should know by now whether she gets the job or not so maybe we'll hear next week. She wants it so badly I hope she does get it. The school (A.I. duPont) has certainly given her the once over and we told her that was a good sign but you never can tell about such things.

Your porch sounds real pretty. The bright color should help make the dark, winter days seem brighter. I'm so glad it is all finished. I wish we could get started on our basement floor but we just haven't had time to even look.

I'll be so glad when the election is over. It gets uglier every day and I don't think it helps anyone. I do hope the voters really turn out this time. There has been so much talk about people not voting.

I'm getting so sleepy I'd better say good night. Hope you are fine."



NOTE: You can watch news coverage of the last of the debates of 1976, with moderator, Barbara Walters, if interested.

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