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July 16, 1976 The Quilt Show Judges, The Pennsylvania Job, The 4 Teeth, The Democratic Convention and The Green Tomatoes

Dear Mother,

"There was a rainstorm yesterday so the air is cleared and today is cooler. It must have been a bad storm but I didn't know anything about it until after 5:00 for I spent the day at school with the quilt show judges. We had about 150 quilts entered and they chose about 50 out of those to show. My arms are tired today from all the lifting and folding.

B & I both went to dinner with them last night and that was nice. They are both young--in their early 30's ?--but know an awful lot about quilts and are just plain fun. They are having their first baby in October so all of us looked after her yesterday so she didn't get too tired standing.

Bob K. called us one evening to say he had the Pennsylvania job so they are planning to drive out there next week to find a place to live. They are excited about it. Bob's job begins Oct. 1 so that gives him time to finish up everything in Columbia.

We took the children to Champaign to the airport last Sunday after an early lunch at home. We meant to leave at 10:00 and have lunch in Champaign but Bobby went to sleep and we didn't want to disturb him. He didn't sleep well Saturday night because he cut 4 teeth at once and his mouth was sore. He wasn't cranky though, just tired. Bob called Tuesday and said it only took 80 minutes to fly to Washington. Bobby knew where he was when they got home and laughed & rolled when they put him in his own bed.

I didn't remember whether I'd told you about the lemonade or not. We think it is real good and so easy to make.

Have you watched the Democratic Convention? I hope you did for I thought it was very interesting and wasn't full of ranting and raving. The speeches were good and the closing last night was really something. That was so late you were probably in bed.

Martin Luther King senior gave the benediction. He told them he didn't want any walking or talking--not one word--during that prayer. They were actually totally silent and after a short speech he gave the old prayer that begins with "The Lord be with you, etc." It was beautiful. Maybe America is ready at last to come back to honesty and cleanliness. Let's hope.

B is tired. He has been moving his office and it isn't all organized now. People are all helpful so things should settle down in a while.

I must have a bushel of green tomatoes on the vines but none show signs of ripening yet. We can just about live on tomatoes so I wish they'd start ripening.

Did you get your iron tablets? Hope you're feeling better but stay out of the basement.




I have looked for your shoes but there weren't any in your size. Maybe I'll find some one of these days and will keep looking. The regular price for Selby is now $31. & $34. Just wait awhile and I'll keep looking."

NOTE:  Tragically, soon after the Quilt Show opened, Myron Orlofsky, one of the judges lost his life in a car accident. Mom was profoundly saddened. She found great inspiration and encouragement from the Orlofskys for her own quilting.

For a look at the Convention:

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