Thursday, June 30, 2016

January 14, 1977 The Terrible Weather, The Pretty Snow, The Noisy Starlings, The Short Movie and The Grocery Store

Dear Mother,

"Your letter came this morning and I was so glad to have it. You are right about everyone talking about the weather but it has been so terrible. I have been out shoveling a little so I can get out of the driveway this afternoon. It is the first time this week I've been outdoors.

There were several things I was supposed to go to but they were cancelled because of the cold, ice & snow but a meeting this afternoon has not been cancelled and the streets are much better. A young man came to the house yesterday and asked to shovel but the snow plows came by early today & I was afraid I couldn't drive over the hump of snow. It is much warmer today, too. It is still 20ยบ but that's really warm to what it has been for days.

I feel sorry for the birds. We don't have a bird feeder but I feed them on the back porch. The noisy old starlings came in droves this morning & I don't know whether the small birds got anything or not.

B is in Springfield today but should be back before dark.

My Canadian quilt book is interesting but I haven't had much time to read in it. The patterns are mostly like U.S. patterns simply because most of them went from the U.S. to Canada with the people who migrated there. There are a few different ones.

The quilt show business doesn't seem to end. I keep getting mail about it and have a talk to give in February. In mid-Feb. I'm going to judge some quilts at a needlework fair in Eureka, Illinois. One of the nice things about the awful weather is that I could stay at home and work a bit more on my quilts.

The picture is yours to keep. B took it while we had Bobby to ourselves at the Smithsonian. Bob & Patty wanted to see a short movie on space so I got to baby sit. He was in his stroller.

I'll try to finish this now. I  have been to my meeting and it is beautiful outdoors now. The sun is bright & the streets are slushy but the snow looks so pretty with the sun on it.

B just called to tell me he is back on campus & I just finished talking to Bob. They are all fine and have been getting out a bit since Pat's grandmother got there. She babysits while they go to the movies. Bob was asking about Jeannette. They are thinking of her just as we all are.

We are going to the grocery store after supper so I'll finish this off & get it ready to mail. Stay warm and don't take a chance on the snow or ice even if it means our letters are late."



NOTE: Take a look back to January, 1943 if you'd like. Bonnie was hoping to see Lily Pons perform and B was waiting to hear from the Draft Board:


  1. I remember January of '77. I was on my first squadron rotation to RAF Mildenhall in England. That was a great experience for me, but my wife was stuck with our one-year old daughter in the weather your mom described. We were living in North Carolina at the time but had as uncommonly lousy a winter as the rest of the US.

  2. I discovered that the weather that winter was big news in all the popular press. And that seemed unusual for the time since weather was just, well, weather. Now it makes the national news every night it seems! A snow day was always a treat, of course, but even that gets old after a while. Being home and stuck inside with a 1 year old under those conditions would test anyone's patience!


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