Sunday, May 8, 2016

November 22, 1975 The Baby Girl, The Concert, The Scraps of Blue, The Other Things and The Illinois Corn Harvest

Dear Mother,

"We are so happy about the new baby girl but nobody told us her name. Beulah wrote me right away but I guess she didn't know what they called her when she wrote. It was a nice, big baby and I know she is cute.

Bob says they will be happy with anything they get. They are getting anxious, I think. He still calls pretty often and it really makes my day to talk with him.

The last two days have been winter but we got only a tiny bit of snow. The west has really been catching it but we were lucky and it went north of us. We went to a concert last night and I wore a winter coat for the first time this fall. It felt good, too.

I was hostess to my quilting club Monday night but only six got here. There are only 10 in the group but they are real interesting girls--young with little children. One girl is finishing a big quilt on hoops and she carries it around. It is the log cabin pattern in different scraps of blue and it is just beautiful.

I have a dress for myself almost finished but I have had to make myself sew on it. There are so many other things I've wanted to do.

The baby sweater is about done but it has a little hood on it which I still have to knit.

The installation of our new minister last Sunday was very nice. It was a beautiful day and several old ministers we knew came to the program. There was a reception afterwards. We went to that too but didn't stay long. It had been such a long day.

The farmers around here have had the biggest harvest they ever have had. The elevators were filled early and the trains were too slow hauling it to market so they just had to pile it outdoors. We went out to one of the elevators last Sunday just to see what it was like.

They had been hauling it off in trucks to the barges on the Illinois River for 3 days but there was a huge mountain of it left. It is shelled and doesn't really look like corn from a distance--has a reddish color like sand. The men were working on Sunday trying to beat the bad weather. They were using a tractor front loader to fill the trucks. It was interesting to see. B said there were probably 2 million dollars worth of corn in the pile that was still there.

Did I tell you Bob's mother is coming for Thanksgiving? This will be the first time she's been here since they were married. She answered right back when I invited her and it will be nice to have her.

I wish we could all be together at Thanksgiving again sometime. That's hard to do with the children scattered. I hope you have a nice day."



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