Saturday, May 14, 2016

January 10, 1976 The Big Snow, The Star Patterns, The Lime Pickles, The Newsy Letter and The Flying Time

Dear Mother,

"Winter has really hit this week. It has been around zero and below and we had a big snow which is still on, of course. I went to Club on Thursday anyway and didn't have any trouble driving. Lots of other people have had problems with their cars since it got so cold.

I've stayed in the rest of the week and got ready for my quilt show committee which came here yesterday. There were women working all over the place. We were
starting to make blocks out of that material I bought at Warren's. We worked on star patterns yesterday--all different. I made a pot of coffee and bought doughnuts and I think everyone had a good time. I still don't have the house back in order because I had folding chairs and sewing stuff all out. Someone always wants to see my quilts so I had those all out, too.

This is registration day for the new semester so B has to go to school and it won't seem like Saturday. Ann wrote a short letter this week and didn't have any news and Bob hasn't called. He's probably behind with his work since he took so much time off when the baby came. Bobby is a month old today. It seems that we've always had him and I'd sure love to see him. They change so fast.

I've been quilting a little on his quilt but he'll be ready for it before it's finished at the rate I go. It is plenty big for the crib, though.

Did you ever have your Social Security check sent straight to the bank? You should do that. We can also arrange for Bloomington Federal to send your interest check straight to the bank, too, if you want.

That would save Beulah some running and you wouldn't have to worry about the checks if she couldn't get in for some reason.

Tell Aunt Nora we've really been enjoying her pickles and I'll bring her jars back to her. She gave us 2 qts. of her good lime pickles that day we all went for the long ride.

I had a letter from Beulah yesterday--just a good newsy letter. It is always good to hear from her.

January is almost half gone. The time sure does fly. I keep intending to make myself a nice winter dress but I guess I should be thinking of spring things. Let's hope spring comes early. I've already had enough winter and we haven't had much really bad weather except for the last few days.

Hope you are fine. Stay in when it gets icy & real cold and stay warm no matter what the gas costs."



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