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February 21, 1976 The Jello, The Strangers, The Rain, The Scraps and The Hilton

Dear Mother,

"Our potluck supper group meets with us tonight so I've been setting the table and getting ready for that. One of the couples is in Florida so I had to make their salad. I fixed that yesterday. It is made with jello so I think it's always better to make the day before.

There has been something I had to do most every day this week and the telephone has rung and rung. Strangers are still calling me about the Quilt Show and a girl from the publicity office at school spent yesterday morning here asking questions and going over stories about the show which she is going to send to the newspaper. She doesn't know a thing about quilts but is eager to learn and a very nice person.

We had a real nice time while Ann & Bob were home. He had never been to Urbana so we drove over there Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful day so we drove all around the University of Illinois campus, went to a shopping center and then ate supper before we came home. Sunday afternoon we drove to Peoria just for a little while and it was a nice ride. The kids left right after breakfast Monday morning and it was raining.

We had a rain storm and people are still trying to get the water out of their basements. We didn't get any. Streets were blocked by deep water and it was quite a mess that evening. I was afraid Bob & Ann would have to drive all the way home in rain but she said they didn't.

I talked with Ann last night to see how Bob was. He had four wisdom teeth taken out yesterday and she said he was doing fine. That's no fun so matter how easy it is.

Bob, Patty & Bobby are fine. He said it was 78ยบ there and they had been getting outdoors. Bobby loved going out in the buggy.

My house sure looks dirty on these bright days. I know I can't do anything about it with all the people coming all the time we're working on this quilt show so I just try to forget it.

Save the scraps from your aprons for me--even tiny ones. I've started cutting little diamonds for a star quilt out of scraps I get. It takes only a little piece to cut the 6 little diamonds which make a star. Why don't you piece a quilt by hand? That's more fun (but slower) than by machine & you could sure do that in the dining room. I wish you'd let us put your machine in the dining room. I couldn't stand to sew in that closet and never would get anything made. Right now, I'm making an applique´ quilt block of a thistle pattern. It will be pretty, I think, but it is real hard to do and I don't think I'd ever make a whole quilt. So many patterns are that way.

We are going to Chicago next Wednesday afternoon and will be there until late Saturday. We'll be at the Hilton Hotel, downtown Chicago, if you should need us.

Hope you are fine."



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