Tuesday, May 10, 2016

December 6, 1975 The Full Term Baby, The Travel Plans, The Christmas Wreath, The Strange Weather and The Cotton Prints

Dear Mother,

"I've been going in a run all week to get our Christmas taken care of before Bob calls for me to come. He called Monday and Patty had seen the doctor that day. He had said it could be anytime but didn't think it would be this week. The baby is full term now so every time the phone rings I expect to hear Bob's voice.

If he hasn't called by next Friday (Dec. 12) we plan to come to Richland for the weekend. It will probably be 10 o'clock that night before we get there. If we have to change our plans for any reason we will call you. We'll be staying with you this time but will have to start back Sunday morning, as usual. We aren't planning to go by Ann's. We had such a good time Thanksgiving and they took part of their Xmas things home with them. I mailed the rest today. I mailed Bob & Pat's too but I hope we can bring yours.

I've spent a lot of time on plans for the quilt show this week. That had to get done now so it would be ready if Bob called. I've been helping an old neighbor sell some quilts so that has taken time but it was fun to get to see them. She sold 4 to women I called. I also drove for H.E.L.P. this week & that took a morning.

We are going to a concert tonight and to a dinner tomorrow. B has meetings all day tomorrow so I hope to catch up on my ironing.

I have the Christmas wreath on the door but we aren't going to put up a tree. This is an odd Christmas but we're happy as long as we're all well.

I hope your fall didn't make you sore. There must have been a little water or ice on the walk. The weather is sure strange. We had that big snow a week ago and I worked on the dirt pile in the back yard yesterday. The last two days have been like spring. A hard rain had made the dirt settle a lot so I raked that over. If we'd get 2 or 3 more & still have good weather I could soon get the yard fixed.

Maybe we can go to Warren's on Saturday & you can get your thread for your quilt. I'd like to see what cotton prints they have anyway.

I'll stop & get ready to go to the concert & hope we'll see you soon."



NOTE: No trip to Richland would be complete without a visit to Warren's store. I hope you'll take a minute to read some of its history. The pictures below are some that I took recently. A visit to the store is like a return to childhood and much simpler times.



  1. And four days after your mom wrote this, our daughter was born. She, and her brothers who came later, were all a full month overdue. I'd had to go out to Little Rock AFB for long-delayed training and missed her birth. Good friends helped both of us and I got home about 40 hours after she arrived. The guy who called me to let me know all was well was Tom McMillan. He was one of the eight GIs killed on the attempt to rescue the hostages from Tehran 4 1/2 years later.
    Love the pictures of Warren's store and it occurs to me that old green IBM Selectric typewriter is now a bit of an antique itself. My grandmother had an old treadle operated Singer sewing machine, too. She used to let my sister and me stitch "pillowcases" out of old sheets.

    1. You must have done a lot of pacing and hand-wringing during those 40 hours! And I remember well that hostage crisis and the loss of those servicemen. The whole thing seemed so unreal as it continued to unfold and I remember it dominated the news for so long. It must have been very hard to learn of the death of your friend.

      Glad you enjoyed the visit to Warren's. Those sewing machines were a lot of fun to "pedal"!


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