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December 23, 1975 The Beautiful Baby Boy, The Odd Hours, The Smooth Ride, The Warm Days and The Cooking Problem

Dear Mother,

"Our little boy is a beautiful baby. I brought some of Bob's baby pictures with me and the baby looks exactly like he did. The earliest pictures I have of Bob are three weeks but this baby was filled out when he was born so he wasn't thin like Bob was at birth. He has quite a lot of hair. It is sort of reddish blond and his eyes are blue but have brownish casts so I think they'll be green like Bob's. He has a very expressive face and he smiles and pouts and frowns in his sleep. Sometimes we stand and watch him and laugh because he looks so funny.

He is quite good and sleeps real well for his age. He is stretching his feedings out a little so I don't think they are going to have any trouble. He takes most of Pat's time but she loves every minute of it and is thoroughly enjoying him.

Bob calls 2 or 3 times every day, comes home for lunch and sometimes in between. He is the proudest thing you ever saw and I think his co-workers at the lab have been very tolerant of his odd hours lately. Several of them have come by to see the baby and the neighbors have been in but nobody stays long.

My plane left Peoria at 1:10 p.m. Monday and it only took 2 hrs. to get here. The ride was smooth as could be. It was snowing when I left but was 60ยบ here when I got off the plane. Bob was waiting for me when I got off.

The weather has been beautiful here and stayed warm a couple of days but it is blue cold now even with the sun shining.

B has plane reservations to come here the morning of the 24th. He leaves Peoria at 7:30 in the morning and will be here before noon. Then we'll come home together on an evening flight the 26th. Bob & Pat will get along fine by themselves. The only problem will be the cooking. Bob's hours are very irregular but they'll manage. The apartment is easy to keep clean.

We have a little tree up and I'm glad. I didn't set one up at home.

Bob & Pat love the yellow quilt top. I spread it on their bed and it looks beautiful. I'll take it back home with me to get it finished up when I can. Maybe I can find another quilter or do it myself one of these days. I don't think it would be too hard because the quilting pattern is already printed on the blocks.

The kids want a turkey for Xmas dinner so that's what we'll have. I have made some cookies & Bob took a big box to the lab.

We won't be calling on Christmas day this time since the time is different and it is a little hard to plan anything. I'll call you after I get back home--Saturday or Sunday because it will be too late on the 26th when we get there. I hope you have a lovely Christmas day. We'll be thinking of all of you."

                   Much love,


NOTE: Enjoy a clip from the popular John Denver Rocky Mountain Christmas special, December 1975.

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