Sunday, May 29, 2016

April 24, 1976 The Birthday, The Sun & Wind, The Quilters, The Rhubarb and The Last Sunday

Dear Mother,

"Today is B's birthday and he had your pretty card and the money yesterday or the day before. He appreciates them both and I think he plans to use the money for some sort of little gadget that he uses when he works on the cars.

It is a rainy, chilly day but things are growing like fury. I've bought a few plants to put out but haven't had time to do anything with them. I had started some flower seeds indoors but made the mistake of setting them outdoors. The sun and wind ruined almost all of them. I'll know better next time.

Yesterday afternoon I went to look at some quilts that a woman wanted me to see. That took all afternoon but was worth it. I wish you could have seen them. Most of them were old but they had been made of lovely materials and quilted so nicely. Several were of sateen and that really makes a beautiful quilt. She is going to enter 10 of them in the show.

This is some week. I've had three groups of women here and it kept me jumping to get ready for each one. The quilters spent one morning arranging the blocks of the quilt we're making. Now I have to put it together and hope to get that done next week.

I did enjoy the afternoon but had so many things I needed to be doing instead of visiting so long. I told B I wished people would just enter their quilts in the show & not expect to show them to me first or talk to me about them even. I get phone calls from people I don't even know.

It has been raining off & on all day so I went out between showers and pulled rhubarb. It is so crisp it is hard to pull without breaking off. I have one small clump but it is enough.

Bob called as usual this week. I told him how you had been feeling and he thinks you should go to a good M.D. where you could get some blood tests and a good check-up. Dr. Myers was always good to you and Daddy but I think you need a doctor who has had more training. Why don't you go to Beulah's doctor in Camdenton? You know she would take you. It would be called diagnostic and Medicare would probably pay for it all. There is no use in your dragging around and feeling miserable if you can get something done. All of us would feel better if we knew you were getting something done. It takes awhile for medicine to work so you can't expect to feel better just overnight. Are you still taking your vitamins?

I talked to Ann this week, too. She and Bob are going to Superior, Wisconsin in May for an interview. It is a mental health clinic in a hospital and they have called Bob several times. He told them he wouldn't come until August if he got the job but they wanted him to come for the interview.

I guess I'd better stop and iron.  I've tried to do it all week & have to this afternoon. I have three long robes that were used in a baptism last Sunday and there is another tomorrow. I have to press them and get them back to church. I'll have to fix communion tomorrow too. It is my last Sunday for awhile and I'm glad.

I hope you tell me in your next letter that you have been to Beulah's doctor and you are feeling better."



NOTE:  What are the big commercials on TV the week of Dad's 56th birthday? Take a look.


  1. The Buick ad reminded that it was about this time that we bought a '76 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu station wagon ( ) to replace the beloved '71 Camaro. It was a trial for my back to reach into the back seat of the Camaro to unbuckle and remove our 5 month old daughter in her car seat. Quite a change to go from a Camaro without a/c or power brakes or steering to a big ol' road boat! Of course, we filled the back end with all the mandatory baby paraphernalia just for a trip to the grocery.
    Re the Camaro, one of the flight engineers in my squadron bought it for his daughter. Four years later, we left the station wagon with my father in law when we moved to England. He sold it within a week.

  2. No such thing as traveling light with a little one in tow:-) You must have officially felt like a "grown up" with a station wagon!


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