Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 27, 1975 The Movers, The Birthday, The Dish Towels, The Nice Rides and The Apricot Tree

Dear Mother,

"This will be late because I've been helping Bob & Pat all day. We got up from the breakfast table and started sorting out all the things they have stored here so long. The movers will come here to load the things they have here.

We had to unpack everything and the movers will pack it to suit themselves. The ping pong table is stacked with china and other pretty things they got for wedding gifts. Bob's room & the basement look pretty awful but we have things organized and I'll straighten up things later. Bob and Pat both saved all their old school papers so we had piles of papers & notebooks to throw away.

The garbage man will think we're really cleaning house. They will move the end of June and that's not long off. I dread it. It has been so nice to have them close. They will be here only one more weekend before they move.

B sends his thanks for the birthday money, the card and the extra letter. Both of your letters came on the same day so it was a treat. He had a quiet birthday and we didn't do anything extra or special. The secretaries gave him a party that morning. They all brought cakes, cookies & candies and invited everyone on the floor for coffee. B brought some cake & candy home to me. It was good and B said there was a big variety of goodies.

You really hurried thru those dish towels. I didn't need them that badly. My quilt top is half set together. I spent a day on it this week when I had other things to do but I gave my program on quilts again so wanted to take it with me. A speaker for a church group got sick at the last minute so I was asked to take his place. The crowd was real interested & I had a good time even if I did have to do it in a hurry. There was a big group and the men were as interested as the women.

It sounds as if you had two nice rides lately. It must be beautiful in the country now. The apricot tree next door is in full bloom and I just like to stand in the window & look at it. It makes me think of Japan and flower arrangements.

B had to mow the yard yesterday for the first time. We have had so much rain everything is growing fast but it needs to be warmer.

Sorry to be late and I'll do better next week. Hope you are fine."




  1. It was about this time that we found out we were expecting Baby the First. In '75 "pregnant yes or no" was about all that one could know as sonograms hadn't yet appeared.

    1. Congratulations! Seems like yesterday, doesn't it!


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