Friday, March 25, 2016

October 27, 1974 The City Hospital, The Broken Shoulder, The Tricky Soldering, The Bluebirds and The Tonsils

Dear Mother,

"My letter must have taken wings last week. We mailed it in Bloomington after 6:00 p.m. on our way to a dinner and B says we always have faster service from there.

Bob and Pat came real late last night so it was midnight when we went to bed and we didn't get up very early. They have gone to play golf and B is working at the office.

I spent yesterday morning in the kitchen so I don't have to do much cooking today. Bob said it has been a real busy week at the hospital. He is working in the emergency room and they had heart attacks, comas and even a busload of kids from an accident but no deaths all week. That sounded unusual for a city hospital.

Yesterday afternoon I did my volunteer driving but it didn't take long. I took an old lady to the doctor. She had fallen and broken her shoulder. Usually they have other errands they want to do but she went right back home and the doctor was on time for once.

While we were waiting for the children to come last night I got started on my jewelry again and finished up a piece I'd started long ago. Maybe now I'll do a little more. Soldering is so tricky I was afraid I'd lost my touch but now I know I can still do it. It is so easy to not do things you really can put off.

I enjoyed the clippings. The bluebird picture would be nice to frame if one could get a good print of it. We never see bluebirds here but they do come to Illinois.

I'm so glad you got to take a ride while the leaves were pretty. I had a letter from Aunt Nora and she was wishing she could take a ride so I guess Mabel made all of you happy.

I had a letter from Ann on Monday. She was still coughing from a cold and sore throat she had while she was in Milwaukee. She'll probably have to get her tonsils out one of these days. She has too many sore throats like I used to have.

I want to write to Beulah this morning so I'd better do that or the kids will be back before I get started.

I hope you are fine and that your weather is as pretty as ours."



NOTE: I'm not certain this was the silver piece Mom refers to in this letter, but this is one she made from a found agate she had cut, and the pendant was a Christmas gift to me in 1974 or 1975. I call it the oyster pendant.

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