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November 8, 1974 The Tulip Bulbs, The Red Velvet Dress, The Terrible Cough, The Stinky Politicians and The Interesting Evening

Dear Mother,

"I've been writing letters this morning and will just write yours a little early.

It's a beautiful day, but cold. I guess our warm weather is really all gone. We got the yard all clean except for one corner and it will have to wait for spring, I guess. I had hoped to put out some tulip bulbs but didn't even get them bought. It's a good thing we don't have a big yard.

I  finished the red velvet dress except for the belt and sewing on buttons. The skirt was long enough that I cut off a strip plenty wide for a belt but I can't make it until I find a buckle. The dress wasn't too hard to re-fit for me but velvet is very hard to work with and I put the zipper in three times. It was by hand, too, but it just wouldn't look right. It still isn't very smooth but will have to do.

We had a club meeting yesterday afternoon and I went shopping afterwards to look for my buckle but didn't find one.

Bob K. called Tuesday to say that Ann was in the hospital with a bad pain under her ribs. So far, the tests haven't shown any reason for it and she says she feels fine except for the pain. The doctor said she may have pulled a muscle coughing. She had a terrible cough after this last cold and that could be it. They have given her all sorts of tests and can't find anything wrong with her lungs or heart or anything else really. Rest will take care of the muscle, if that's the problem, so I hope they find out soon. We'll talk to Bob again this weekend sometime. He said he was going to see the doctor today and ask a lot of questions.

I too, am glad the election is over. Maybe now, the stinky politicians will know we are tired of all this monkey business and get to work. The Democrats have a chance now to show what they can do and they'd better get busy. If this election showed anything it showed that voters are looking more at the candidate than at his party and I think it's about time.

This has been such a busy week. B is so tired. He's had extra meetings all week and has been going in a run.

Why don't you put your trash out the night before. We do that and I'm always glad to have the truck come early. It just seems easier.

I must get the kitchen cleaned up a bit before lunch time. I want to iron this afternoon and we're going out for dinner. A Chinese professor has invited us to his home so it may be an interesting evening.

Hope you are fine."



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