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November 29, 1974 The Wonderful Thanksgiving, The Cars, The Suit, The Christmas Invitations and The Flurries

Dear Mother,

"We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday and hope you had a good day. It was terribly late when the children got here Wednesday night and Ann was worn out but all of them got up refreshed yesterday and we had a lovely day. Bob & Ann went to Chicago with Bob & Pat so they all left after supper. B and I will go after Bob & Ann tomorrow. It is the first time they have ever visited Bob & Pat and it probably will be their last chance.

Ann seems fine now. She coughs a little but I think she's fine. She will be checked at the hospital again in 6 weeks. They seem to be really taking care of her.

I took my quilts to be quilted on Tuesday. Mrs. Follick looks fine but she said her back aches so much she quilts only a little each day so it will take her a long time. She likes quilting though and wants to do it. I took her some jelly last Christmas and she had saved the glasses for me.

B has spent today working on the cars. He really enjoys working on them and said the Buick is all tuned up for a year now.

We haven't heard anything about Diane's wedding.

I never have found the material for Ann's suit so may get her something else. It would be nice if I didn't have to do more sewing before Christmas. I have started a knitted cap for Bob. When he saw the ones I'd made for the other kids he said he wanted one. So I bought some yarn this morning & have it started.

The Christmas invitations are coming already so things will be pretty lively for the next month. We don't know yet whether Bob & Ann will come back for Christmas but Bob & Pat will come. Pat plans to stay a few days until Bob comes back for her.

Snow is predicted for today and we did have flurries this morning but they didn't last long. I'd rather it waited until everyone gets back home.

Hope you are fine and that you had a nice Thanksgiving."



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