Tuesday, March 15, 2016

August 12, 1974 Tea, Nixon, Ford, The Sewing, The Rain and The Lawn

Dear Mother,

"We are looking for Ann and Bob this evening so I'll start this in case I don't get at it tomorrow, as usual. I have to go to a tea for some retiring teachers this afternoon but I have things ready to start cooking for supper when I get home.

This morning was bad. I watched the Washington events on TV and it was worse than a death. I do believe that Nixon brought all this on himself but it is so sad that a man who could have been truly great could have come to this.

It has been proved once more that our government is a good and solid one. President Ford has not shown much strength as a V.P. but I don't see how he could have the ways things were. Now he has a chance and I think there is every hope he will be good for the U.S. He is a friend to the Congress and the press and that itself will be a big change. Let's hope and pray he will be a great president.

We haven't heard from Bob & Pat this week. They may still be having company. They have had a lot this summer. Pat hoped to go to Atlanta sometime this month but I don't know whether she will or not. She'd have to go alone.

Things have gotten busy again and all too soon after our nice vacation. B hardly has time to breathe.

Well, this is Sunday and I didn't get my letter done. Bob & Ann just left and of course, I didn't get much done while they were here. Ann went thru clothes and we did a bit of sewing--fitting and changing hems. She went home happy with some things for school.

Bob B. called yesterday to say he'd be going to Springfield, Illinois to take his medical exams for his state medical license and would be staying all night with us. That's the week after next. Pat's sister will be visiting them in a few days and Pat plans to ride to Atlanta with her and then fly back.

We have had a wonderful rain at last. Bob & Ann said it rained on them all the way here so I hope you got some, too. The sun is out today so B will have to mow the lawn in a few days.

He is going to the office and I want this mailed so will say bye. Hope you are fine."



NOTE: Walter Cronkite announces the likelihood of Nixon's resignation, August 8, 1974. Watch the broadcast below.

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