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March 9, 1974 The Old Quilts, The Needlepoint Pillow, The Jewelry Projects, The Sandwich and The Weather

Dear Mother,

"I just came home from giving my program on quilts to the Golden Age Club. It was a real nice group of both men and women. Some of them had brought old quilts. One (over 100 years old) was made by the woman's mother. It was a flower garden but the blocks were half the size of the usual block so it was real dainty. The quilt wasn't bound but was finished with a narrow buttonhole stitch all around. I don't know whether I like that or not but the work was real neat. I took three of my quilts to show. That is all I could get in 1 suitcase.

B's mom sent the picture of Sid and Charla from the Mirror. It really is a good picture. She is such a nice girl. They seem to be well matched.

I'm glad you've finished the quilts. You'd better rest awhile before you start something else. I shouldn't say a thing, though, because I sure have to keep something going. I finished my needlepoint pillow and it looks real pretty.

I cut my suit out this week but must use my time for my jewelry projects since there are only a few classes. This is a busy time to take a class but I'm always afraid this teacher won't have it any more.

The weather has been real warm for two days and everything is growing like crazy. I hope we don't get a freeze to kill things.

Bob is working in the wards now and really likes it. I'm not sure what it means but I guess he "doctors" any ward patient. He says it is real hard work but very interesting. There are probably a great variety of ailments.

We are planning to come to Richland next Friday (15th) and come back Sunday (17th). We'll leave here in the morning, eat our dinner along the way and be there sometime between 4 and 5. It is going to take longer than usual since we can't drive over 55. We won't need anything much for supper--just a sandwich so you and B's mom can decide where you want us to be. It is our turn to stay with her but if her back is bothering her maybe she'll consent for us to stay with you.

Either way is fine with us so you plan with her. Ann and Bob may come to Richland on Saturday but we don't plan to go thru Columbia even if they don't. I sure would like to see them but we have to use our gas as best we can.

I hope your weather is nice and that you are fine. Don't work in the yard too much the first time. That is always a temptation.

We will call if something comes up and we have to change our plans."



NOTE: For a humorous review of the gas crisis, listen below.

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  1. The gas shortage was much worse in Chicago than Normal. Pat and I got up every morning to get in line at 5AM and stations would only sell $3 of gas ( 2-3 gallons). So that meant waiting in line daily. After a month of that, someone noted what a waste of gas it was with lines of cars blocks long, all idling waiting to gas up. The policy on sales changed and you had to fill up. That was better.


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